Welcome to a new kind of Prague

Earrings made by Atelier Mate- an up and coming accessories designer on the Prague scene

When you first think of Prague or see it for that matter, you see the cathedral looming over the city. Your eye then wanders to the Castle and then stone creation that is Charles Bridge. You think about the quaint buildings that are architectural stimulating and picturesque scenery, like something you would imagine from a fairytale. It is, in fact, a magnificently beautiful place to live, and I must admit that I pinch myself daily to actually confirm that I live here and not in some concrete jungle city in the United States.  Like most cities in Europe there is a cobbler who will fix shoes (he is not apart of the bigger Tesco malls), a fruit stand that is known to sell the best cherries in the city, and there are stores that have some of the best bread that the city has to offer. There are, unfortunately, not many “fashion” stores where we can say the same. Most of these “stores” are run out of online community shops where the designers can forgo the high rents and instead pay a small amount to the website fler.cz

Recently, there has been a small, but ever-widening group in Prague that has begun to take fashion and design, less as something for the amusement of themselves, and more as an entrepreneurial business where the designers try to enhance the city they live in with a different kind of culture.  The scene here is not as visible nor as quick to judge others, as a places like Paris or further east Bucharest or Moscow, but what it does have is a creative flair made by people who are interested in creating sustainable, unique goods in a market that is over run by big-brother like retailers from the West.

Welcome to the Prague Fashion scene…


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