A Quick over-view of Code:Mode Spring 2011

This is just a short over-view of new designers at this season’s Code:Mode; I’ll add more later, don’t fret!

Accessories were the over all winner at this season’s Code:Mode- of those jewelry and handbags out shown all others!

Who I loved; New and Notable:

Trudi for dolls necklace

Trudi for dolls– Hello, one to LOVE! I am OBSESSED with her designs and her ability to make the most beautifully, intricate jewelry. It’s the stuff of legends, or at least the stuff you ogle over in Barney’s, Liberty of London, or Bergdorf Goodman!

Summer shoulder handbag 1500CZK

Nika 77– A handbag company that is interested in, gasp, manufacturing great products, versus producing lesser quality goods! The designs are playful and feminine. The fabrics and patterns are kitschy with pleather being mixed with sateen and cottons.

1950s-inspired silk polka dot dress

Jana Minaříková -is part of a design duo that makes exceptionally, beautiful clothing. For their spring 2011 collection they used silk and gave their silhouette’s a 1940’s and 50’s theme.

Fabric and chain necklace with pearls

Blanq– uses a combination of fabric, chain, and pearls to make these statement necklaces. Worn with jeans or a simple black dress for a night out, it’s versatile and fun.

inverted leaf design

MooDoo– need a bit more ambiance in the apartment? MooDoo, which makes paper lamps using a special technique developed by Czech scientists and engineers, will make you think twice about buying another boring Ikea paper lamp. With cool designs like Bethlehem Prague, leaves, and hearts, it’s something uniquely original to put in your home.


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