Code:Mode Spring 2011- Runway Review- Part 2

Part 2 of Code:Mode where we take a look at the remaining 5 designers that showed on Saturday evening. Once again, some were great and some were a total flop.

La Femme Mimi: wishing for something new

I had written about La Femme Mimi in February when I did a spotlight on her lovely little Štěpánská boutique. I found many great Czech designers there, it’s where I stumbled upon Jane Bond, but I left her store not completely sold on all of her own designs. I had hopes that this fashion show would clear this flip-flopping for me once and for all; that I would leave excited and ready to return to her boutique to place my orders. I was hoping for a catchy fashion show, one where we could see the true talent behind the designer. Alas, such an occasion did not present itself and it is with much disappointment that I write this review.

With Bjork playing in the background Asian models with traditional Vietnamese masks made of straw, drifted down the runway in a mix of brightly colored silk dresses with appliqued belts. Perhaps if this was my first time ever seeing these dresses I would be more enthusiastic than I was. It was not the first time, as I had seen them on many blogs and facebook postings starting in December of 2010, and sadly, they were already in the store. I know that she is a talented designer, but I suppose I was expecting something a bit more… spunky. On the whole, the 3 minutes were long, pretty boring, but the dresses were quite pretty, which made it not a total fail.

Code: Mode Spring 2011- La Femmi Mimi/ Foto: Lukáš Dohnal

Tranquillo– What Burning Man would look like if it produced a fashion show

(Huge Sigh) I am not really sure where to begin here. The music started and the models came out dancing, which is fine since it brings up sensory reminders of crazy Betsey Johnson shows in the early 90’s! But one of the models was substantially better than her catwalk counterpart and it made them look, well, a bit ridiculous. The music was upbeat, but the dancing was like something you would see at a hippie commune with yoga moves to match.

So, now that I have dissected their stage performance let’s move onto the clothes: hard color to wear- chartreuse- and it was everywhere. Honestly, there are 5 people in the entire world that can wear this color, and Tranquillo’s models were not one of these 5- please no more chartreuse! Some colors that did work were the jewel-tone colors like purple and green,  as well as earthy browns and grays. The cuts were nothing original and was your standard Czech fare. Colored tights with orthopedic shoes were, I am sure comfortable, but you want people to buy your clothes, not run away from them! Yoga models took forever to walk down the runway and about 3 minutes after they had begun, with countless girls still waiting to walk, the music stopped and the show was finished. I have to admit I was happy and most of the people around me felt the same.

Code:Mode Spring 2011- Tranquillo/ Foto: Lukáš Dohnal

Valevská Comfortable, Chic clothing

When your first see Lenka’s clothes you become fully aware of all of the reasons you love being a woman, or if you are a man, like looking at women. You also become fully aware that the heels that seemed like such a good idea when you started your day have now become like little nails poking into your foot. (It was 40 minutes into the fashion show and we were just standing).

The mood was somber a bit melancholy, but the clothes looked like they were executed and tailored well. You could tell she had a vision and one that was matched in all areas of aesthetics (lighting, clothing, music, models looks, etc). She is one designer that I am really looking forward to seeing more of her work!

Code:Mode Spring 2011- Valevska/ Foto: Lukáš Dohnal

Code:Mode Spring 2011- Valevska/ Foto: Lukáš Dohnal

Code:Mode Spring 2011- Valevska/ Foto: Lukáš Dohnal

Basmatee– Gets quirky, eco-friendly and innocuous

I have to admit that I like these street clothes the best! The show opened with two girls walking down the catwalk and placing beautiful narcissus’ at the end of the runway. Then, one by one, the models (both men and women) Sunday strolled down the runway carrying different gardening equipment. Once they reached the end of the runway they would do some sort of little dance that involved shaking their bums and then strut back to change into the next outfit. The show was clever and well thought out. It was fun, enthusiastic and enjoyable. The clothes fit the models, the models looked happy to wear them, and the show did it’s job- it got my attention and made me want to visit their store.

Code:Mode Spring 2011- Basmatee/ Foto: Lukáš Dohnal

The Birthday Suit– making Russian Matreshkas cool

I had seen these t-shirts at design shows around Prague for the last 6 months or so. It’s screen printed, and i think we all know how I feel about that, but it’s a clever idea so I was willing to give it a chance. The fashion show was upbeat and had great music. The models, both men and women, looked happy to be on stage, but it was a bit more serious than what I was expecting; I suppose it’s hard to take yourself seriously when you are wearing a Matreshka on your shirt.  Some were pictures of “sailors”, “leopard printed” and others had Karl Lagerfeld’s face plastered on the shirt.

Code:Mode Spring 2011- The Birthday Suit/ Foto: Lukáš Dohnal

So, all in all I was quite happy with the shows I saw at Code:Mode Spring 2011. I think a lot of designers put in a lot of hard work and effort into their presentation and I appreciate that. The goal of a show is about marketing, that’s it. It’s like a big store window for everyone to see your product and just like everywhere in the world, some stores have mind-blowing window displays and others just disappear. I am looking forward to the next one in Autumn. Now I have to track down all of the designers that I did find inspirational and talented and begin the interview process so we can all get to know them a bit better!

If you are interested in seeing the shows, but couldn’t make it to Code:Mode yourself, the videos are below!



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