The USA- the biggest shopping mall in the world. Credit Card Required

The United States is always full of great finds, I suppose this is the reason we are number one when it comes to consumerism. (Tid-bit of info- we are also number one when it comes to self-esteem, warranted or not, we think we are awesome in every way possible.)

My first new favorite on the list: Ked’s Sneakers- the original canvas shoe making a come back

I remember my first pair of Keds. They were hot pink with purple shoe laces. I remember thinking I was quite possibly the coolest 6 year old who ever rode a school bus. Alas, people have been wearing these bad boys since 1916 so I can’t necessarily say that I was the first to wear a pair, but here I am again, late-20’s, sporting a cool blue jean pair and lime-green pair around town. They have a preppier edge than there rowdy Chuck Taylor cousins, but if you need something that is a bit edgier Pro-Ked’s can be your anti-Chuck Taylors.

Like most design labels that are trying to “catch” an edgier crowd, Pro-Ked’s teamed up with Legendary NYC icon Bobbito Garcia to help design shoes for their edgier/street clientele. The shoes, which came out last October, were a great success.  The only bad news that I can find is that currently, Ked’s and Pro-Ked’s do not ship to addresses in Europe. If you find a style you like on the website, plug it in and see if you can’t find a company with in Europe that can ship it to you!

Royal Flash models

A close second- Poo Pourri– “spray the bowl before you go, and then no one needs to know.”

No more stinkWhen I was living in Los Angeles I used to listen to Ryan Seacrest every morning on my way into work. During my hellish morning commute into the arm pit of Los Angeles, a.k.a. Downtown Los Angeles, I was made aware of a wonder spray! No, it will not make you loose weight, make you more beautiful, or any infomercial selling point that is the same the world over. It will however make your number 2’s not smell! What is a number 2? It’s poo!

I immediately thought that this is probably the best gimmick known to man, especially when men, by their own assumption, are the only ones allowed to do a number 2. Oh ladies, this is no gimmick this stuff actually works! I am a huge fan of this product and have been for quite sometime. You spray 4-6 spritzes in the bowl before you sit down to do a number, do your business, flush, and no lingering smell or odor is left behind!!!! Best part- all natural and it is even good for man #2’s too! If you are in fact interested in this product, and I honestly think that everyone should be, you can buy it through E-bay, as the company does not ship outside the United States.

Favorite three- L’Artisan Parfumeur– scents worth celebrating

The number one seller in Paris

I have this extreme love for a store in New York called Henri Bendel. When I worked in the fashion industry in New York I would find myself frequently drawn to this store for no good reason. I would also find that my Amex or Mastercard would miraculously appear out of my wallet thinking that it was an excellent idea to buy the $65.00 sailor headband that I would perhaps only wear twice in my life. I know this store inside and out so when I opened the doors of this 5th Avenue famed store I remembered why I loved it so much in the first place- amazing, one-of-a-kin shopping galore!

On the second floor of this sensory over load shop, you will find L’Artisan Parfumeur– a heavenly gift to the people of the United States from the people of France (much like the statue of liberty). With only three shops outside of Europe, New York is one of the lucky few that has it’s own stand alone store. I have known about this fragrance house since 2006 and had often gone to the second floor to spritz myself with their aphrodisiac-like  scents, only to become frustrated with the $95.00 for 50mL of eau de toilette, which was a little out of my price range (apparently, a $65.00 stupid sailor headband was in my price range… stupid trends) During this trip to New York I squandered away enough cash to buy my very own bottle of Fleur de Liane, which recalls a tropical rain forest on some Panamanian island (or so says the maker of this fragrance).

My boyfriend, decided on France’s number one best seller for men, the intoxicating Fou D’Absinthe.  The little green fairy did such a number on my scenes that I instructed my boyfriend to immediately purchase said bottle and with the quick swipe of his credit card I was the happy girlfriend of an amazing smelling man!

Heaven in a bottle for men!And YES! They do ship to the Czech Republic! Happy day for those of you that can not get to one of their many stores in France!!!!

Favorite Four- J.Crew– the company that kicks Tommy Hilfiger’s preppy ass

Perfectly Chic Americana

Perfectly Chic Americana

Depression kicks in immediately when I step onto the airplane knowing that I am about to leave the United States and this store behind. I have been a faithful shopper of J.Crew since high school (cough cough… that was a LONG time ago). Their cuts, styles, fabrics, and tailoring is what sets them apart in an industry over run with “Preppy/ Americana”.  While I know people in the Czech Republic pine over Tommy Hilfiger and other main stream brands, J.Crew is one of the few brands that can actually handle the washing machines of the Czech Republic; home of the most intense spin cycle I have ever seen. Trust me, it’s not normal for your washing machine to spas out like it’s going to fall through the floor.

Perfectly put together men

While they don’t currently ship outside of the United States, an issue that I tell local managers in which ever J.Crew I walk into ( I was in five on this trip alone), with a little persuasion or a local friend’s US address you can also be the proud owner of yummy tee’s, incredible cashmere sweaters, or a perfect linen shirt. The men’s collection is also the stuff  made of legends. Pair an outfit from their store with the Absinthe perfume above and you are ready for a “good night”.

There are many more that I could add to this list and probably will over the next week so check back for favorites. Happy Shopping!


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