My favorite Fler

I was browsing the website, like I normally do when I have any type of down time in my life, and thought- I should just highlight someone each week, maybe twice a week if I manage to produce some type of motivation from the depths of my soul. (I know a little dramatic)  So Voila and a enjoy!

Pick of the week: Sarkas

 Home Accessories- the coolest “V’s” ever- Votives and Vases

I like, neigh, Love having dinner parities at my house. I currently have a table that sits 7 on a good day and 15 if I have to pack’em in for festive occasions like Thanksgiving, Easter, and everyone’s favorite Independence Day! I am on the constant look out for adorable new ways to show off my cheap Ikea candles and these billowy pillow candle holders (260CZK) will probably do the trick for my next party. Hmm... maybe I should do a slumber party theme and movie night?

A porcelain place for your tea light

I love fresh flowers. I personally love the ones from the two crazy ladies at I.P. Pavlova (they are cheap-thank for driving down tulip prices in Prague- and look good). Every women should buy herself flowers at least once in her life, plus it can make a drab apartment have a little more color, especially if your landlords are fond of all things mauve and 80’s flower blow back.

The vases (pictured below at 195CZK each) remind me of what I had back home in the states. My mother was a lover of the Delft collection by Tiffany and Co so I, in turned, learned to be a lover of all things blue and white.

Blue and White porcelain Vases

Sarkas also makes earrings, necklaces and brooches. Many of them are on the “Top Pick” on the website, but I decided to focus on home accessories this week. She’s talented, her designs are original and best of all- all Credit cards are accepted!


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