My Favorite Fler- girlie and sophisticated wrapped up in one

Spring and Summer are undoubtedly my favorite seasons of the year. It’s warm, you can frolic outside with out heavy layers; people are nicer, and the sun is always shining (well, most of the time). And when it isn’t, you have mother nature to entertain you- thunderstorms! I would say that most of the year I’m not very “outdoorsy” but during the sunny months from April-September I can not get enough of the “Great Outdoors” and end up spending countless hours strolling, bike riding, swimming and picnicking outside! Ahhh summer.

So, this weeks “My favorite fler” belongs to the designer Lusinda.  With a mix of Shabby Chic, Cath Kitson, and the classic boutiques you see across France and England, Lusinda has been able to capture the woman in each of us that desires something other than the street-faire that is so popular with Prague citizens.

Plus, these little bags, dresses, and skirts are the perfect pairing with summer bike rides, picnics, and frolicking in the fields picking poppy’s. Can’t you just imagine yourself somewhere in the fields of the lovely Czech Republic drinking wine, reading a good book and catching some much needed sun- a la a 1960’s french film?


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