My Favorite Fler- Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil


I thought that it would be nice to take a step back for a week from clothing and accessories and turn our attention to another formidable ally on the design scene- the painter. Yes, the painter. The painter has always been fashion’s favorite friend. Long before the camera, the painter was there to capture the clothing, styles, trends, jewelry, lovely ladies and gentlemen of the day. From Pompeii to Paris, painting has always been a way to transcend time and history.

Our Fler artist this week has a true gift for capturing landscapes through out the Czech Republic. Whether spring or in the dead of winter, this artist is able to make you feel as if you were in the painting yourself. While art, is usually incredibly expensive, this artist has been able to keep prices hoovering in a range that everyone can enjoy and buy. The piece below goes for a cool 4440CZK.


I have to admit that my favorite painting in this collection is the one below. It reminds me so much of my childhood in Atlanta, Georgia. Azalea’s blooming, spanish moss hanging from the tree’s. I can only assume that the painter didn’t paint this in the Czech Republic as I am still yet to see anything that resembles the below picture. For a mere 1110CZK this original can be yours! I honestly am thinking about picking it up for my new apartment… I think it would make a nice office piece!



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