My Favorite Fler- “Let them eat Cake”

Sweets and candies are my downfall. Perhaps much like Marie Antoinette I enjoy the finer things in life. Luckily, I am not in the middle of the French Revolution and if I were to enjoy an extra cookie or piece of cake (or a new pair of shoes) I will not have my head lobbed off for it… poor poor Marie.

I stumbled upon these yummy creations while doing my normal Sunday search for all things fler. I love how dainty and lady-like all of these pieces are. Not only do they look adorable and would of course make perfect presents, but they honestly do look good enough to eat (though I highly recommend that you don’t; porcelain doesn’t exactly digest in your stomach).

Oui Oui -clover earrings

Oui Oui Brooch

I love this brooch and so does Fler. It was one of their top-picks for jewelry designs. It’s the type of timeless piece that you could wear for just about any occasion you saw fit. The opera?- Yes of course! The theater? Why, I think the great theater Gods would applaud your effort! The office? You would look professional and like someone who has style! A night out? A great conversation starter or finisher, depending upon whether you are single or taken.

Porcelain Love

Hearts are on fire for these prim and proper pastel necklaces made from porcelain. It’s the type of design that you see in the finer shops in Prague, London, and Paris but for a fraction of the price. As most of you know, dear readers, I like a bargain, but I especially like it when profits go straight to the designers themselves.

So, Oui-Oui, is a big YES YES in my book for this week’s my favorite fler. If you get the chance please check out the e-shop on and give Oui Oui a try.


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