Design and the City- in pictures

While the event itself happened a while back, I still think that the designers that participated are relevant and people we will be hearing from in the near future. It was a great showing of some really talented Czech and Slovak designers and I feel sure that the next event will be even better!

Design and the City Event

My Modern Line

My Modern Line– a Czech student ahead of her time. All of her garments are made with out seams- sweaters, pullovers, dresses. Everything is incorporated into the garment- sheer genius! Most of her colors are muted and understated (mushrooms, blacks, creams, etc) which will always work well in the colder months of Prague weather. They are not itchy like one would expect of wool, cotton, and blends of synthetic materials. She is one that I am looking forward to see more of once she hones her skills at university


Ether– leather goods hit the Czech market with “ladies who lunch” quality. All of Ether’s accessories are made from Italian leathers- cow hides and pony hair are among the designers favorites. Bags range from clutches, hobo’s, and more constructed bags. Belts are also available, as are small little booties for the baby in your life, or a friends life. The prices are a bit more expensive, but no more than your standard “good” bag in the Czech Republic (Prices are from 5,000CZK-13,000CZK)


Daya– Czech designer who has been around for a few seasons. Her fashion show’s are always interesting. This pieces was one of my favorites from her more recent collection. It’s a long sleeved button front, tie jacket in a lovely plaid that can be used for Fall or Spring. It’s a timeless piece which you would wear for many seasons- and it’s a good price! This fall we will see a return of the more “Collegiate- minded” trends that seem to grace every college campus up and down the East coast of the United States. It really is the perfect outwear piece if you are struggling with what to buy this Fall season

The clothing designers at this event, finally made a showing that matched the accessories designers. Daya, La Femme Mimi were in fact some of the best. I hope that the Design and the City event will make a come back for Fall!


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