Bizarre Bazaar- End of Summer Edition

I hope that all of you enjoyed your last taste of summer last weekend because it looks like that’s all Mother Nature is giving us until Summer 2012. Depressing; I know. Of course for those of you that love Fall and Winter you couldn’t be happier for the new trends, leaves changing colors, and that first snow fall that makes it easier for you to justify skiing in the Alps (like you need a justification anyway… bah).

Bizarre Bazaar, happening this weekend at Belushi’s, is either a celebration for the end of Summer or for the beginning of the new Autumnal/Winter season. This obviously depends on which season you prefer. I love Fall (Autumn for everyone else out there) for the main reason that American College football begins and I once again have a reason to watch sports.

Part of the main attraction of this Bazaar will be a concert by singer/songwriter Alasdair Bouch from the UK, who plays everything from alternative to more folksy/blues. The design market the “bazaar” part of the title will have many of the same talents that attend Code:Mode, but in a warmer place.

Designers attending are: (drum roll please…)

Bramborova Shoes - one of the designers at this year's Bizarre Bazaar

Vinylbags – handbags
Framboise Art – kitsch, animal jewellery
Lekuca – creative glass jewellery
Kahil – silver, enamel jewellery
V.Y.P. Design – floral jewellery
Tereza Borlová / Alžběta Dvořáková – young design talent – multi-line showroom
Kompot – kitsch 80’s style jewellery
Acid Designs -silver jewellery
Genaro – gold, silver, and beaded jewellery
Jaila – brooches and necklaces – very interesting design
Natebe – clothing and crafty brooches that look like bats or mushrooms
SupremeHeroes – clothing and jewellery
Ma.Ja – Mixed media jewellery- mostly plastics and metals
Trudi For Dolls lovely beaded necklaces, bracelets and now headbands
Deesign – handbags, purses, and earrings
LoveMusic – multi-line store with own product as well
ToPotěši – jewellery
Lepeeto – adorable things for children and kids
Bramborová – fabulous shoes, clothing and accessories
Rajda – unique women’s clothing
Mellory – accessories for men, women and children
Veronika Černá – glass jewellery, sculpture, glassware
Mária Terézia – creative brooches
Helena Heinz -handmade soaps
Aimee’s Jewelry Box, and more…!

Šperk Genaro- one of the many jewellery designers at Bizarre Bazaar

The event is free and is guaranteed to be a fun social night out. The Mosaic house is actually an “upscale” hostel so there is always a fun mix of people from all over the world. The last event that was there we got to talking to some really lovely British girls who had fallen in love with Jane Bond’s headbands and decided to wear them out for a night on the town.

Saturday, September 10th

6:30pm-10:00pm (18:30-22:00)

Entrance is Free- Mosaic House- Odborů 4, Prague

Info via facebook here: Bizarre Bazaar


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