My Favorite Fler- Scarves for Fall

Fall is around the corner, I feel it, you feel it and most of us are ok with it. While many of you are wondering what in the world to buy this season (you could always check out the Fall/Winter preview: Here) it’s best not to forget about all of those little “details” that make an outfit a little bit better. A scarf is a fashion piece, and a functional piece; one of the few in our wardrobe that can do both. While there are always great selections at your local mass market shop why not try something a bit different like these hand-painted silk scarves from Eva J?

Casual day trip, wine tasting in Moravia, mushroom hunting in the woods- they are in fact the perfect accessory to keep you warm and looking stylish.

Eva J- perfect colors for fall mushroom season

Eva J- wine tasting and Vinobrani Festivals

Eva J- casual day trip cool


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