A somber 10th Anniversary

The Most Beautiful Skyline ever

Five years ago I would have been in New York preparing for another September Fashion market week with buyers, high management of companies, figuring out where to take people for dinner, and how to explain to the advertising company that they got something “right”. September 11th is also the day my co-workers and I would stop doing all of the above things and take the 2/3 train down to Chambers Street (WTC was not open when I was on business in New York). We would walk down to where the two most beautiful towers once stood and would say a little prayer and would stare at the pictures of the love ones lost and the hero’s of that day. We would go out for dinner and reminisce about where we were exactly 10 years ago when we found out about the attacks and the murders of so many innocent people.

The 10th Anniversary of September 11th is today. While I love fashion- today is a day not to think about that superficial world, but to thank those who risked everything for the lives of people they didn’t know.  Thank you to those Americans who are the true hero’s of that day; the police, firefighters, and random people who lent a helping hand to help people.


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