Bizarre Bazaar’s New Favorites- End of Summer Edition

One’s to watch… people that will make an impact on the Czech design scene!

Smaragdový collection by Hanuš Lamr

Hanuš Lamr– a jeweler extraordinaire. Hanuš works with precious metals and stones with a reflection on nature. The designs are intricate and are well thought out, provoking pieces that are unlike anything on the Czech market. If you need a wedding ring or present that will last a life time you will certainly have no shortage of interesting pieces to choose from.

Bugs collection by Hanuš Lamr

You are also buying something worn by celebrities around the Czech Republic and the world. Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright has been seen wearing his designs, as have countless Czech models and TV personalities.  I am personally in love with the bugs collection, every detail of the beetle has been painstakingly added to each and every “bug” so as to give the wearer the idea that they actually have the “skeleton” of the beetle outlined in their silver or gold. It is truly genius work.

Maria Terezia Brooch

Maria Terezia– funky jewelery that mixes toys with 80’s designs. Unfortunately, most of their webpage is missing some of their best items. Military-inspired pins with G.I.Joe figurines dangling from striped ribbon, necklaces made with plastic dinosaurs in obnoxious colors like neon pink, and tangerine orange. Most of the good stuff that I saw on Saturday is not available on-line, so if you are interested in some of their designs shoot them an email and try to see if you can’t see what else they have.

Beaux– t-shirt brand in the Czech Republic that is trying to break the stereotypes of fashion by manufacturing t-shirts that have the visual capabilities of contemporary art, but are still cool enough for the ever evolving street scene that is so prevalent through Prague and the surrounding suburbs.

Beaux collection

One thing that makes Beaux different from so many other t-shirt printers in the Czech Republic is that fact that the”hand” of the garment is always soft, most of the designs are not screen printed onto the clothing, and the designers are trained in visual art.  The dress, pictured left, is from a Czech artist named Ludmilla Smejkalová her “drawings are mainly of female characters in combination with text. These characters embody emotions and thought processes related to its internal conflict with the outside world, conflict ideas, illusions and ideals with the reality of everyday life.”  How many t-shirt companies have messages like this on their website?

Beaux Collection

There is also men’s clothing with its own artist as well. The current collection for mens t-shirts has to do with the old school rhyme “wheel, wheel mill”. I am not familiar with this rhyme, but that probably has something to do with the fact that I am American and not Czech. Jakub Janovský, the designer of the “wheel, wheel mill” collection, draws much of his inspiration from abandoned buildings, black lines, and motifs that are crude and a bit dark.

NATEBE Design- is a multifunctional line that carries shoes, clothing and accessories that are unique and quite honestly a lot of fun to wear. I had spotted their playful little brooches at Code:Mode’s Summer edition and had hoped that I would see them again.  Happiness was aroused when I saw their colorful little mushroom brooches at this edition of Bizarre Bazaar and only for 250CZK. There were of course other colorful mushroom brooches in a variety of the Czech’s favorites, but these were the most colorful and I thought the best to wear on a jacket or blazer.

NATEBE mushroom Brooch

Along with mushrooms the NATEBE design team also came up with a “Grim Reaper” brooch and a “Bat” brooch made of a silicon based material in black, red, and a translucent bat with sequins underneath the silicon. It’s a little dark, but is certainly a conversation starter.

The clothing line and shoes I have not seen in person and so therefore can only tell you that they are available. Once I actually see everything up close and personal, I can give a more realistic account of the quality of the garments and shoes! In the mean time, enjoy the brooches and get them before your friends!



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