Contributor Gig- The Frock & Roll Blogazine

Recently, I stumbled upon Frock-a-zine (a blogging magazine) that focuses on street style, trends, fashion, and music through out Europe. Seeing that only the UK, Germany, and Austria were adequately covered I proposed adding Prague to the list.  There is a new hunger for trends, clothing, and accessories in Prague that can not be matched by its Western European counterparts. It is- a matter of factually speaking- a homegrown industry where experimenting is still very much the norm and where the idea of silhouettes is still very much played with. Accessories are well-made but the experimental quality is still alive- usually in the form of asymmetrical shapes or using materials that a more “seasoned” designer would scoff at. We could easily see this idea at Designblok 2011 by an artist named Zdenek Vacek with  jewelery known as Virus. The idea of growing crystals on rope that would normally be reserved for boats was a new concept that was in fact, well received.

Moving forward into the season: the continuation of designers to watch, cool places to shop, and great street style will only solidify, in my opinion, how superb our designers are and the fact that shopping in Prague is very much possible.


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