Kudos to Jane Bond

Carrie Fascinator by Jane Bond

Yellow Flowers by Jane Bond

Feminine detail finally gets the recognition that it deserves

I first had the pleasure of meeting Jane Bond, Jana Heydukova, last year and have seen her work challenge and change the perception of what is “appropriate” for women to wear out in the streets and at formal functions. I fell in love with her creations, the feathers, the bird-cage netting and the feminine details that are so utterly chic!

Of course, some of Jane Bond’s headbands are not my style, as I am more understated elegance than flamboyant artist, but they do fit other people perfectly. Sure there have been some missteps, but she continually hits the mark on almost everything she creates. In August, I was permitted to enter her workshop which consists of sporadically placed feathers, netting, and silk flowers to see just what ideas were swirling around her head for Autumn/Winter 2011.  While some of the pictures in this post reflect what I saw at the “workshop” I know there are many more which I have not seen and  should make their debut next week via ČT1 and Fler.

Eden by Jane Bond

Royale by Jane Bond

Her storied success has caught the eye not only of the fashion bloggers and journalist in the Czech Republic but also local celebrities and now finally Television. Jana was recently asked to appear on a popular afternoon show called, Sama Doma (Home Alone), on ČT1 channel on Monday, October 24th at 12:00pm. During her segmented 10 minutes of live   coverage she will get to gush about her creations for Autumn/Winter 2011 and explain just how a girl studying PR ends up being one of the most well-known and respected milliners in the Czech Republic.

I will of course be watching next week to see how the new rising star of the Czech millinery industry performs. And while I love Italian, Parisian, and classic American brands just as much as the next girl, there is something wonderful about seeing someone in “your country”, whether it be by birth or immigration be given the reward that they deserve.

Charlotte Fascinator by Jane Bond

Fascinator by Jane Bond

Kudos Jane Bond


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