Best of 2011

2011 has almost come and gone but it was in fact a phenomenal year for talented artists and designers in the Czech Republic. Here are my top 10 picks of outstanding talent- did your favorites make the list?


Sistersconspiracy– the brand known for men’s clothing could be found at every major design show this year. From Designblok Dreft Fashion Week to designSUPERMARKET the two designers behind the brand gave Czech men the option for something a bit more hip.



Yoka Sola– feminine lingerie made by a Frenchwoman at a price that is comfortable for almost any woman living in Prague. Materials are imported from Italy or France and are sewn in the Czech Republic. While this is her first year in business I can almost promise that 2012 will be her year!

Yoka Sola


Zuzana Kubíčková– the designer debuted her  Spring/ Summer 2012 collection at Design Dreft Fashion Week.  Silks, satins, and organza with delicate feminine touches was on trend and left most in the audience blissfully unaware that we still had a wretched 5 more months of winter. (sigh)

Zuzana Kubickova


Zuzana Serbak– her collection is high-fashion plus cutting edge technology- every shoe being unique has its perks as well. For those who are interested in the more original type of shoe (think Irregular Choice or United Nude or Terra Plana) these are the new shoes to have in your collection.

Zuzana Serbak


Trudi for Dolls Jewels– the jewelry designer that we have come to love for her intricate beading has teamed up with LeAndrea to create Projekt Belka – a new line of clothing that debuted at designSUPERMARKET this year. Most of the materials are made from silk or cashmere (from the actual Kashmir region in India) and are luxury inside and out.

Trudi for Dolls Jewels


Ether– pony skin and suede leathers in brilliant colors like forest green, electric blue, and sunshine yellow- all materials are bought in Italy- giving your handbag a sophisticated feel

Ether- pony skin handbag


Hanuš Lamr– nature is the muse for this jewelery designer. Still some how unknown through out the Czech Republic this designer works almost exclusively with precious metals and stones.

Hanuš lamr


Zuzana Vesela– her new 2011/2012 collection Amissa was first shown at Prague Fashion Weekend in September. Clean lines and cuts are her signature style- something that continues even as fashion changes.  Her collections continue to push the boundaries away from “cottage industry-style” clothing to a sophisticated RTW line that changes the persona of the Czech women.

Amissa Collection 2011/2012

Amissa Collection 2011/2012


Jane Bond– the pseudonym with a twist conquered the Czech Republic this year being displayed both in numerous print ads but also on major television program “Sama Doma”. Jana only continues to dazzle us with her unique ability to find creativity in the most unlikely of circumstances. Of course, we also have the Czech woman to thank for her rapid rise to fame.

Eliza by Jane Bond


Lure–  the design project by Nastassia Aleinikava and Janja Prokic is my number one pick for 2011 for no other reason than the designs are unbelievably gorgeous. Rarely is there a moment that I am surprised or awe-struck by designs or designers- but Nastassia Aleinikava  and Janja Prokic completely raise the bar for the Czech Republic. They both show that, Nationally and Internationally, the Czech Republic is a viable source of high-fashion in a city that is obsessed with the throw away kind.

The Purple Finch brooch designed by Janja Prokic is handmade with each feather, the beak being expertly crafted. The hours and precision involved in making something that by most accounts is “anatomically” correct required patience beyond what most designers have.

Janja Prokic- Purple Finch Brooch

Green and Violet Swallow is another one of Janja’s brooches. The birds range from birds of prey to land-fowl and each is made with painstaking love. The pictures do not do these brooches justice- one must feel and examine the brooches to genuinely understand the craftsmanship involved in each piece.

Janja Prokic- photo by Danica Kovačević

There are no words to describe the raw beauty of the designs by Ms. Aleinikava. There is a certain virgin-like quality that borders on gothic mixed with sprites in a forest. They are, more than anything else on our list, true works of art.

Lure- photo by Marcel Stecker



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