Winter Sales- What to Buy for Spring/Summer 2012

Ah.. sales are upon us.. that beloved time of year where a girl can get that dream sweater, dress, shirt, skirt for half off.  As some of you may know, I am a girl that loves a bargain. Sure I love paying full price but being American I have a natural disdain for the MSRP that doesn’t have a “take an extra % off” sign on it. So, here are our first two stores: Mango and Zara. I recommend visiting the stores further afield from the city center- sizes are more reliable and discounts can vary depending upon the store. My favorite: Chodov!


Sales started on Boxing Day and will run until the end of January or February. Expect long lines and sporadic sizes. Of course it may be worth it when you can save an extra 50%-70% off Fall/Winter goods.

Mango Skirt- 699CZK

Mango Adjustable shirt- 449CZK

Floral Dress- 899CZK

Bow Ballerina's- 499CZK

Equine Bracelet- 1,259CZK

The Spanish mega-chain has gone on sale. Of course you could always try and wait until February to see if there are any further discounts but then they may be out of your size. Regardless of your budget, whether you are frugal or a person who splurges, these should be “priced right” for everyone!

Blue Halter Dress- 699CZK

Forest Green Dress- 999CZK

Lace Dress- 999CZK

Short Cardigan- 1499CZK

Plain Basket Shopper- 1,499CZK


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