Pražská tržnice gets fashionable with market

Holešovice is the site of many fashion events this weekend; this up and coming area of Prague- a favorite of art galleries and fashion showrooms has finally embraced the idea of having something other than Vietnamese goods or “farmer’s market fare” associated with the Pražská tržnice. Holešovice- and the Market in particular- will be the “place to be” this weekend as Prague’s fashion hungry descend on Prague 7.

For those who did not attend the first HolešoviceFashion Market during the month of December, many will ultimately be surprised by the welcome atmosphere of this unconventional market. As is normal with all Czech “festivals”, beer is available along with coffee, tea, and small food for a nominal price.

Jane Bond Victoria



Unlike the December’s event fashion shows and DJ’s spinning tracks will be new this season (program is below). And of course- the event is free. So, pick your favorites Eatme, Jane Bond, Lucitta, and Playbag are some of the ones I am looking forward to and see you all there!

12:00 DJs spinning wallet-hypnotizing tracks- Peter Pea, Kema, Martha, Olive moderated by Katcha
18:00 Juggling exhibition -( who needs the circus?)
18:30 Fashion show – MonaRosa
19:00 Projection on Is Fashion Artist
20:00 Dance fashion show -Jerk
20:30 cyberpunk show HELL.CZ My Obsession with clothing
22:00 End of Event
10:00 DJs spinning wallet hypnotizing tracks- Peter Pea, Kema, Martha, Olive moderated by Katcha Kokin
11:00 – confectionery experience
18:00 Performance of students of art schools
19:00 Lovemusic FASHION IN DANCE – Dance fashion show
19:30 Plazmalab and Tranquillo fashion show
20:00 CALLING SPRING – dance performance group Wackkiki

Address: Pražská tržnice, hall # 7, Holešovice, Bubenské nábř. 306/13
Entry- FREE
Time- Friday 12pm-10pm (12:00-22:00)
Saturday- 10am-8:15pm (10:00-20:15)
More info Here


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