Vintage Pop-Up shop opens again in Prague 7

Prague socialites, magazine editors, and Prague’s best fashion bloggers are all heading to Prague 7 on Thursday evening for the opening of the much talked about, never duplicated, second installment of Boho pop-up shop. A bohemian wonderland of reworked pieces, hand picked vintage treasures, fine bohemian porcelain, and hand-made jewellery.

While visiting this vintage wonderland don’t be surprised by the family atmosphere associated with this pop-up. On the several occasions that I visited this treasure trove last year I was surprised how often I was invited for coffee, to sit and chat to other patrons and to help everyone choose the “right” look. For many this will seem strange but to Patricia it is very normal. “Boho is not meant to be a business,” she tells me, “(it’s) a way of life, a way of enjoying the simple things (and people) around you.”

As is normal with Boho, the space will be intimate, the items quirky and one-of-a-kind and the prices reasonable- considering the history and craftsmanship involved with each piece. The one thing I love about Patricia is her passion for fashion and especially vintage clothing. At her last shop we “talked shop” for hours about the pieces in the collection, the era, and the ever evolving story involved with each piece. I distinctly remember having a discussion regarding a piece in her collection, and how she explained with great fervor, that a Czech client had come in and explained that her grandmother had something similar during Communism… long story short… it ended up being her grandmother’s piece!

Being at the forefront of Czech fashion and trends takes work- but Boho has the appearance and feeling that it’s been around for quite a while. Seeing what all of the fuss is about is your “civic duty”. Plus- with only four days of popping it’s worth checking out before the blogosphere erupts and you are feeling left out.

Boho Pop- Up Shop
Pplk. Sochora 9, 170 00 Prague,
Thursday (March 15th)- opening evening from 7pm
Friday-Monday (March 16th-19th)- 11am-7pm/ closing party on Monday at 7pm
More information at or facebook


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