Boho Pop-up: The Review

Boho's pop-up shop

I have, what some might say is, high expectations. I like to take this high expectation “mantra” into most areas of my life- food, wine, conversation, but especially in the areas of clothing and accessories. I am what many will qualify as an excellence snob- always looking for the very best and brightest in our city’s fashion scene.

I had high hopes that Patricia, and her well-dressed pop-up team, would defy the ‘one hit wonder’ status that so often comes with fashion and music (just ask Butterfly Dropout or Seal two names that have either gone belly up or have dropped off the radar). The first Boho store in Vršovice was eclectic, quirky, and fun- it was everything that I had expected. As the skeptical journalist that I am I was dubious that Boho could not only pop-up in a cooler location than that of the previous “hip” Czech Inn store front, but that it would be able to pull off better clothing, finer accessories, and creatively reconfigured pieces.

Hand Made necklaces made from recycled leathers

As is so often the case in this line of work- people and pop-up’s will surprise you.

I managed, how I am still not sure, to score a Crocodile Clutch with a metal chain in a lovely coffee brown leather for 600CZK. Medicine bags in delicious ochre and coffee were steals again between 500-600CZK. Structured handbags from the 1960’s in either black or a chocolate were also around 300-600CZK. Bone white handbags and clutches were around 400CZK and all were made of genuine leather or a very high grade of artificial leather.

Bags and reworked "boyfriend" pillows

Those who are lovers of costume jewelery or those who are more of “the four hundred” sort will be happy to know that Patricia was able to procure original samples of sought after Czech jewellery maker, Jablonec, complete with the original card backing and sample number. Better still is the price- for 200-400CZK you can have an original and parade your new strands around town.

Jablonec originals complete with sample tags and small leather goods

Perhaps shoes are your obsession? Sling backs, leather boots, t-straped sandals all in leather or suede are priced at an almost unfathomable price- 400CZK for ballet suede shoes? It seems almost crazy! Try them on and grab them if they fit!

Reworked pieces get a new lease on life with men’s shirts being turned into snuggly pillows reminiscent of your boyfriend’s favorite t-shirt. Leather pieces from either handbags, shoes, or belts have been cleverly made into fashionable pieces of jewellery being made into collars or statement pieces perfect for a little black dress.

Leather collar

There are a dozen reasons to love the Boho pop-up: the collections of handbags, the old time pieces, the kid-leather gloves, the brooches, the jewellery, the pillows… but of course the atmosphere and Patricia herself, is the reason most come back. This is a store that is full of passion and exploration- a place where you can loose yourself in craft and an expertise that seems to be lacking with much of the clothing choices of today.

Her shop will come down tomorrow, but not after a farewell party which will start at 7pm (all are welcome) and closing, well, who knows when. I hope that we will not have to wait another year before we can experience another pop-up from our dear Boho- perhaps if we all plead enough we can have a true gem in our city be more than just a moment in time.

Boho Pop-Up 
Closes: Tomorrow, Monday at 7pm- after party to follow at store
PPlk. Sochora 9, Prague 7

Here’s a few extra photos just in case you are wondering whether or not you should take a peek before Boho shuts its doors


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