The Written word Rocks

Now that the month of March has come and gone I just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you for those who have subscribed to this blog, who check it regularly, or those who are friends and fans on facebook- this has been, by far, the best month that Prague Fashion Scene has ever had.

Zuzana Vesela

What started as a love for fashion and curiosity about whom and what lurked in the dark design corners, filled with bolts of fabric and trim, has turned into a way of communicating to those who may not know what true talent lives in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The idea of the blog was always to write about these designers- the ones with tape wrapped around their shoulders, those who are multi-tasking- sewing feathers on garments, cutting out samples- these are the people I always wanted to know more about and share with you.

Trudi for Dolls Jewels

Of course many designers have opened their showrooms to me- to try on clothes, pick their brains about up-coming collections, and dealt with my incessant questions- all no doubt annoying at times. I am always awe-struck every time I meet a new designer who still has that “younger designer” twinkle in their eye- they still think that any stitch is possible on any type of material, but perhaps they just haven’t discovered it yet? To the designers who surprise me season after season- you really do give me butterflies every time the music starts pumping through the overhead soundsystem, the lights dim to the front of the stage, and the first model walks out.


With the high fashion likes of Shooting Fashion Stars, Prague Fashion Weekend, Bratislava Fashion Week, Designblok Dreft Fashion Week, designSUPERMARKET– along with the more street fashion oriented Code:Mode, Holešovice Fashion Market, Boho Pop-Up shop- the designers who have usually been overlooked are finally getting the attention and publicity that they deserve.

Zdenka Imreczeova

Thank you again from the very bottom of my heart- here’s looking forward to the months ahead and the great strides we will all make for Czech and Slovak fashion.


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