Code:Mode 2012- Art Nouveau Splendor in Karlín

Code:Mode’s 7th edition gets intimate in an Art Nouveau building- April 19th-22nd

Six years ago the idea of a free, independent festival started in Prague providing the likes of artists and emerging designers to hold court, sell their wares, and get to know their customers. Many designers got their break at the Code:Mode festival, which ultimately, gave them room to move onto the bigger circuits of fashion- mainly magazines here and abroad, TV spotlights, and their own brick and mortar stores.

Code:Mode Spring 2012- Warehouse shopping is difficult. Open space in a new building hopes to rid this

But, it seems that something got lost along the way – a daunting amount of designers, too many programs, and an impersonal warehouse space, which made the event feel more like a market than its original festival feel.  An Art Nouveau building, next to Kaizlovy Sady, will hopefully return some of the pizzazz to the Code:Mode splendor by creating, “an intimate and personal meeting place- not as much as a market but a temporary showroom,” says Jolana Teuberová, the project manager of Code:Mode.  

The football-pitch-sized warehouse is now gone, which I hope will be less overwhelming, but with a smaller space it means that designers need to be trimmed down. “At this year’s Code:Mode there were 205 registered applicants, but we could only choose 68 of them,” explained Ms. Teuberová.  So, to assist with their ‘more quality less quantity’ theme they enlisted the help of bloggers from 11 koček, a Czech language blog that looks at fashion in the Czech Republic. I had asked Jolana why 11 koček , why not another blog or person? “We wanted someone who would have a broad, but deep enough knowledge of things, someone who will know the local artistic and creative scene, but they will not be part of it… We appreciate their taste, insight, overview, perspective, and distance.” added Ms. Teuberová. I’ve had the pleasure to meet one of the writers behind 11 koček and could not agree more with Ms. Teuberová’s sentiments- they are fair, have a great perspecitve for fashion and understand the creative scene here in Prague.

Of course there will still be our Code:Mode staples like a bar/coffee area to sip and think about all of your purchases, performance art- blending fashion and culture in a way that Code:Mode has always exceeded at doing, a much anticipated fashion show on Friday night from 8:30pm-9:30pm, polaroid love on scene to snap photos of you and your friends and plenty of other ideas to keep you busy from 10am well into mid-day or evening.

Code:Mode Spring 2011

Besides the new space, and the newer emphasis on smaller designers, there is also the change in price. This for many is a part on the controversey, but at just 70CZK for the four day festival, we hope that it doesn’t over shadow the joy that comes with such an event.


Thursday, April 19th- Sunday, April 22nd

Thursday 10am-9pm (10:00-21:00)

Friday 10am-8pm (10:00-20:00)

Saturday 10am-9pm (10:00-21:00)

Sunday- 10am- 6pm (10:00-18:00)

Admission: 70CZK for FOUR DAYS/ Children under 12 FREE

Address: Kaizlovy Sady 13, Prague 8

Program:  (in Czech language only)


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