Shopping in Luxury at the Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel famed for its old-world charm, cocktails, and restaurant, will be the next “place to be seen” for the glitteratti set on Sunday, May 20th.

Grace ‘n’ Glamour, the first event of it’s kind to be held in the 14th Century Monastery-turned-luxury hotel, will have the likes of Mirka Talavašková, Radana and Pavel Ivančic of Muset, and Sophistic by Veronika Benešová  just to name a few in clothing. Summoning your inner goddess one can don the jewellery designs of Lubor Baum, Michal Kadaník, and Věra Nováková. And to finish it off why not carry your goodies away in the handbag lines Ether by Eva Vontorová or Helena Išová.

The Grace’n’Glamour event hopes to “make a sharp contrast to earlier established fashion and design events” explains Petra Kopuletá the Public Relations Manager for Grace’n’Glamour,  “{Our} customers are women who perceive fashion as a great opportunity to build up their own personal style, but who don’t find collections of well-known fashion brands particularly appropriate for {their} unique style.”

There are many design events in Prague which focus more on street-style, many of which have helped propel our favorites here in PFS onto bigger stages, but there is still a lack of events for non-street style customers. Those who do not fit into “couture” and “street-chic” are more or less thrown in the way-side- which- if you read this website enough, you will know is a shame. 

So, on Sunday, May 20th, clear your calendar and with your friends in tow, head over to the Mandarin. Shop till your little hearts are content and then as a reward stop by the bar and grab a cocktail. I highly recommend the Chocolate and Orange Martini- it’s perfect for pampering after a long day of shopping.

Grace’n’Glamour Deails:
The Mandarin Oriental Hotel-Prague
Nebovidská 459/3,  Prague 1-Malá Strana
Telephone #- 233 088 888

Sunday, May 20th
Time: 11am-9pm (11:00-21:00)
COST- 150CZK (includes entrance and lottery drawing)


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