Spring Cleaning- Shopping at Leeda- Original Czech Designer

“Sample sale” and “Spring Sales” are a much loved and covetted phrase thrown around the fashionista coffee houses and cocktail bars in some of the bigger fashion cities, but it seems that those two phrases have only recently found a place on the Czech market.  Zuzana Vesela had one about three weeks ago- which, for those who missed it, missed a great opportunity to buy dresses for next to nothing- and it seems Leeda will have one this week (April 23rd-April 28th). 

Leeda has been on the Czech design scene for some time and has quite a cult following. The label has been invited to shows abroad and most recently was one of just a handful of designers that took part during Shooting Fashion Stars showroom concept which happened at the end of March.

The Leeda “spring cleaning” is a true sale that shoppers will be more than happy to see! Clothing items will be set into three categories: 400CZK, 600CZK, and 900CZK with purchases over 2,000CZK receiving a 10% discount card to Toni & Guy hairdressers!

Store Information:

Bartolomějská 304/1  , Prague 1
Time: Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm (11:00-19:00)
April 23rd-April 28th

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