Luxury shopping for SOS Children’s Village at Slovanský Dům

As materalism sweeps the Czech Republic it is important to remember those who are less fortunate then many of us. Our families- whether biological or not- are still a deciding factor in many aspects of our life. But, could you imagine not having a family- being orphaned or abanded- left to fend for yourself? I know that I had a very happy childhood and could not even begin to imagine what life with out my family would be like.

There is a small organization in Bosnia-Herzegovina, named SOS Children’s Village, which assists in giving children a loving family home- especially to those which have been orphaned, abadoned, or whose real families are just unable to care for them. This organization’s main mission is to make sure that these children-the ones forgotten by society- continue to grow with the love, respect, and culture that makes each of them unique.

This Thursday, May 10th from 2pm-7pm at Kogo Wine Bar, located in swanky slovanský dům, will hold a luxury shopping event aimed at helping raise money for this charity. The event cost is 200CZK at the door- but all proceeds will benefit the Children of SOS Children’s Village- plus it’s a small price to pay for the luxury brands that are waiting behind the door at a fraction of their original price.

Event Details:
Thursday, May 10th
2pm-7pm (14:00-19:00)
Kogo Wine Bar- slovanský dům
Na Příkopě 859/22, Praha 1- Nové Město


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