F&F Autumn/Winter 2012 Grown-Up looks

F&F, Tesco’s private label brand, debuted its Autumn/Winter 2012 collection via a live-stream fashion show last month in Prague, Czech Republic. Being lucky enough to score tickets was a nice treat especially from good friends! Red carpet, champagne, passed h’ordevers, and ambient lighting; the F&F team made sure that when you walked away from the show you were full, a bit liquored up, and ready to buy, buy, buy the new collection!

The Italian city of Venice was the muse and scene setter for Tesco’s brand. Always looking to make the brand more chic and less Tesco/mass market like-the show contained bellowing opera music with waif-thin models and men who looked like a Greek God statue.

Womens wear looks to continue many of the same trends that we have seen throughout 2011 and into Spring 2012 but in different shades and colors. Black- the color of politicians and bank analysts the world over- was the most important “color” in the collection. There was a sense by the design team, that black should at least be a bit fun- enter see-through lace shirts, peplum-styled tops complete with a skirt suit set. If items weren’t black than they were color-blocked; vibrant red, sienna orange, and cream in either “silk chiffon-style” fabric or knits. Apparently F&F loves knits and wovens this Autumn and by all means in tends to use them! Shoes were cute though walking in stiletto’s from Tesco has me a bit worried. I suppose we will just have to wait and see what production turns out. Over all- cute clothes that are wearable and certainly from a distance don’t look cheap. The design team followed trends but stayed true to its customers, which in the end will always make the brand a winner.

Menswear is a hard market. Men, while easy-going are also notoriously fickle. They are brand loyal only as long as they don’t have to search for their brand. Tailored and refined with gray, olive, dark heather, and pops or marron adding a distinct advantage to an otherwise drab and conservative color palette is how F&F saw their man for A/W 2012. The F&F man is part Oxford, a dash of suave Italian, and a hint of sophistication that is James Bond. Colored chinos certainly seem to be in store for Autumn as well as layers, mainly in the form of the three button vest.

The show was wonderfully choreographed with intricate changes and was a sight to see. The clothes were all quite nice but as with every line- the fashion show may be wonderful but if the production is terrible than the clothes won’t sell. Here’s hoping that production gets it right- the designers certainly did.

**Want to see the show and give your own feedback- watch the video below**

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