Prague Fashion Weekend 2012 DATES ANNOUNCED- UPDATED

Pop the Champagne- the third edition of Prague Fashion Weekend 2012 is set to take over Hradčanské Náměstí September 12th-September 16th! Under the helm of a new PR agency, Sara Events, Prague Fashion Weekend 2012 is looking to change the way the Czech Republic and the rest of the world see Czech fashion.

So, what does this mean exactly? Well, namely that Prague Fashion Weekend, for the first time, is tenting it! Imagine all of the photos that you have ever seen of fashion week in Berlin, New York, or Moscow now imagine it in Prague (also sponsored by Mercedes Benz) shake – stir in world class supermodel Simona Krainova and VOILA! You have a new energy and sophistication that looks to bring the Czech fashion world to the masses. The idea no doubt seems simple enough and many will be asking, why in the world has it taken this long for someone to come up with this idea? Well, it seems that until now, Czech Republic wasn’t really ready for a tent or big name sponsors.

Inside the tent, both Czech and International designers will be shown every hour- like a normal international fashion show. The idea of a tented fashion show no doubt is to pique the interest of those who have the means of exposing Czech fashion to a larger international audience similar to the likes of Poland or Hungary who already enjoy exposure in International fashion shows and magazines. “The Czech Republic still lacks an active link between designers, industry, buyers, and customers. Our goal in the coming years is to include this event in the calendar or important fashion events”, Jana Šlemínová, the director of Prague Fashion Weekend explained. For those who are not movers and shakers in the industry it doesn’t mean you aren’t invited to see a live fashion show, for the public some 100 tickets-available in advance- will be given for every show allowing everyone to take part .

Should you not be able to score one of the many tickets for each show don’t fret – there will be a slew of fashion programs from parties, accompanying events, and workshops to choose from. So, while the tent may be closed off, Prague Fashion Weekend still looks to be inclusive for everyone.


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