Dreft Fashion Week dates announced

September is shaping up to be a month when any and all holiday plans should be pushed forward to August or pushed back to October. With two fashion weeks being planned, the city will be a buzz with fashion lingo and fabulous design talent. 

This year’s Dreft Fashion Week  2012 will be held September 17th-23rd with plenty of side activities taking place simultaneously. A POP-UP shop will be introduced- though what kind and which designers is yet to be determined.

The Dreft Black Card, given to young, outstanding talent, will also be apart of this year’s Dreft Fashion Week- with talents like Ondřej Adámek, Monika Drápalová, and Muset– the design brain-trust that made up last year’s Dreft Black card pool only intensifies the search for newer talent this year.

Sponsors of this Dreft Fashion Week 2012 will include The City of Prague, The National Gallery, Czech tourism, Dreft, and Audi.

Designers, venues, and additional information to come in August!


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