Summer Fashion: 6 of the Best

Summer fashion: 6 of the best

From silky tunics to wild headbands, all you need to smash summer 2012


Summer fashion: 6 of the best

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 **First appeared in Prague Post’s Summer Guide magazine**

Just because it’s warm outside, there’s no excuse to forget fashion and strip down to just a bikini and sunglasses for the rest of summer. The Czech Republic has a host of up-and-coming designers who are pushing the boundaries of fashion all year round – and making waves not just here but worldwide. Here’s our roundup of six of the best for this summer.



Zuzana Veselá Chic and timeless: For Zuzana Veselá, these are more than just words. Indeed, they are concepts around which Veselá constructs and imagines each of her designs for her Ready-to-Wear label of the same name.

This summer, the focus is heavily on silk and viscose tunics in neutral colors, along with pop colors like cobalt blue, all of which are cinched at the waist with a leather cord. She also has feminine dresses accentuating womanly curves that are cut in black-and-white silkscreen prints and bright yellow blazers with a discreet Japanese-inspired ruffle constructed in simple jersey or twill fabrics.

Muset Bespoke tailoring and playful themes are at the heart of Muset, the burgeoning women’s wear label of Pavel and Radana Ivančic. Muset’s collections aim to debunk myths that Czech designers are too futuristic or drab. 

“[We create] a dialogue between masculine and feminine themes, combining menswear fabrics with more feminine ones like satin and silk,” Pavel explains.

Peony pink, mint and light yellow silks and satins were intermixed with masculine items like trench coats, structured trousers, and heavy winter jackets all in bolder colors like forest green, lipstick red, and cobalt blue for spring.

But as summer continues, so does the inspiration for Muset: “Modrotisk,” a traditional indigo print typical of south Moravia, influences the summer collection heavily.

“It is barely seen these days, and I have decided to bring it back to light trying to reinterpret it in a modern-day clothing context. I’ve been to one of the two remaining workshops in Moravia and spent quite a while in their archive searching for some original ‘ancient’ motifs and patterns,” Pavel says. The Muset team hopes their chosen pattern, from 1923, will have new life breathed into it through baby-doll dresses and blouses.

The fashion house has also recently launched its bespoke tailoring line and a menswear collection is hopefully coming out in the fall.



HanušLamr Tucked away in a studio behind the Malostranská metro station, this artisan meticulously sculpts and shapes silver and gold into beautifully crafted jewelry. He says his muse is Mother Nature herself – whether as a bracelet of silver beetles, a stunning necklace of thuja needles carefully added to a silver chain or a wedding band with the design of a Linden leaf on the inside. Peapod necklaces and earrings are his newest creations, with polished silver and pearls as well as the brilliant blue gemstone lapis lazuli. Lamr’s collections are still made the time-honored way with a chisel, a blowtorch and long hours spent perfecting this craft that originated in the Bronze Age.

Janja Prokić Being nominated for the Designblok Jeweler and Czech Grand Design Jeweler award for 2011 was quite an achievement for Janja Prokić, a young stand-out designer who now calls Prague home.

Her designs range from a fanciful fox ring made of brushed silver, to a bouquet of matte-silver blossoms on silk cording with pearls and semi-precious stones. For summer 2012, the young designer focused her attention on animals.

“It’s about animals and about gaining the superpowers from them by wearing a necklace, brooch or ring,” she says. “[The collection] will incorporate fur, semi-precious stones, pearls, silver and gold-plated brass.”

The designs also include floral bracelets and pendant necklaces in a burst of Mesopotamia-style craftsmanship. 


Ether For summer, what could be better than a bright splash of color for your outfit by way of your clutch or satchel? Ether’s bags come in wildly exotic colors like electric yellow, forest green and cobalt blue as well as in patterns with subtle African influences. And baby’s booties in pony-skin leather are a nice touch for any child’s wardrobe.

The leathers are all sourced from Italy, and with a price tag starting at 5,000 Kč for handbags, it is also not bad for your wallet.

Jane Bond The woman behind the Jane Bond line has been known for her striking headpieces since her breakout in 2010. Indeed, they have graced the pages of almost every local fashion magazine. 

However, this year, Jana Heyduková will embark on professional courses in London, where she will learn felt and straw blocking and vintage milliner techniques from the Edwardian era. 

“While I am there, I will be sourcing material from London like petersham ribbons, feathers of a variety of shapes and lengths, and obviously straw, all to bring back for the Czech Republic,” she says.

For summer 2012, expect to see more flowers in a vast array of shapes and sizes. Hats will continue to play an important role for Jane Bond, as will her bread and butter of outlandish headbands.


Eye-catching designers

Zuzana Vesela, in Czech and English

Muset, in Czech only;

Hanuš Lamr

Valdstejnska 4, Prague 1

Tel.: 605 885 593, in Czech only with plans to have English this summer;

Janja Prokić

Tel.: 774 374 312, website in English;


Cimburkova 5, Prague 3

Tel. 222 782 307, website is only in Czech;

Jane Bond

Tel. 777 564 665, website in Czech and English;




Stocks Janja Prokić and Jane Bond

Celetná 29, Prague 1 and U lužického semináře 7, Prague 1

Bella Brutta

Stocks Muset

Železná 12, Prague 1

DOX by Qubus

Stocks Hanuš Lamr and Muset

Osadní 34, Prague 7


Stocks Hanuš Lamr

Betlémské nám. 5a, Prague 1

Galerie Kuskovu

Stocks Hanuš Lamr

Biskupský dvůr 6, Prague 1

Hard de Core

Stocks Muset

Senovážné nám. 10, Prague 1

Julius Fashion Shop

Stocks Jane Bond and Zuzana Veselá

Ostrovní 20, Prague 1

Klara Nademlynska

Stocks Janja Prokić

Dlouhá 3, Prague 1


Stocks Jane Bond

Benediktská 7, Prague 1


Stocks Hanuš Lamr

Ovocný  Trh 19, Prague 1

La Gallery Novesta

Stocks Zuzana Veselá and Ether

Elišky krásnohorské 9, Prague 1

Muzeum Kampa

Stocks Hanus Lamr

U Sovových Mlýnů 2, Prague 1

Parazit Shop

Stocks Zuzana Veselá

Karlova 25, Prague 1


Stocks Jane Bond

Vinohradská 74, Prague 3


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