Clothing your way to success- Back To School Fashion

Everything that you need to wear to be a winner, both in and out of the classroom

Papelote Accessories

Summer holidays have come and gone, and now it’s time to hit the books. You’ve said goodbye to new friends made at summer camp, and your parents are all too ready to see you go back to class, but now there’s a dilemma: What will you wear on your first day back to make that perfect first impression? Whether you’re preppy, a little Great Outdoors, enjoy printed denim or are rocker chic with a bit of regal charm, autumn/winter 2012 fashion has the right combination to keep you acing your classes and arriving at school in style.

Prep-school charm

There is a prepster flare that has taken over Prague. No longer confined to its upper echelon heritage of snobby kids and golf, preppy is once again cool. Those wanting an old-school look of polo shirts, letterman and track jackets, as well as shift and sweater dresses, should look no further than the likes of H&M, Terranova and F&F. For a super-prep look sans geek, gents should head for blazers, striped shirts, retro letterman jackets and V-neck sweaters. Not only do they add a structured look to your outfit, but this season’s colors will also add a bit of fun. For the ladies, preppy’s big look for autumn is the sweater and shift dresses in ribbed cotton or cable knits. Not only will you look chic for that Friday night pep-rally, but you’ll also keep yourself warm.


Great outdoors

Plaid shirts at the ready, puffer jackets on standby, oversized jackets hooked; this woodsy, Bear Grylls style is a cool way to dress down, without having to embrace all of “the great outdoors.” To avoid the “lumberjack” look, pick colors that aren’t associated with the forest: Sky blue and pink are safe. Guys can also add a puffer vest made of neoprene and smart wing tips to dress up the look, while girls can add a faux fur vest, skinny jeans and a pair of hiking boot-inspired heels to add a bit of urban cool to a normally country outfit.

Not your basic blues

From a working man’s staple to a fashion statement, blue jeans have come a long way since their birth in 1873. This season you can tuck your pretty blues in the back of your closet, for it’s the jewel-toned jeans in the skinniest cuts that will be in vogue. Guys can pair their bright jeans with three-button Henleys or light-weight cotton T-shirts, adding a vintage vibe. For the girls, colored denim, printed denim or trousers with geometric or psychedelic-inspired designs would make even M.C. Escher proud.

Regal brocades and rock ‘n’ roll

What do brocades, jeweled tones and rock ‘n’ roll style all have in common? Separately, they can hold their own, but mix them together and you take classroom chic to another level. Sequins and brocaded fabrics are no longer just for Prom and Homecoming Queens: They’ve made their way onto shirts with sequin stripes, brocaded trousers, a splash of metallic foil on tees – and that’s just the beginning. To avoid looking like bedazzled kings and queens, update the look with touches of leather adding toughness to dainty pieces.

All the right accessories

This season, satchels and messenger bags are perfect for transporting books and extras to and from school. Playbag makes leather or tarpaulin bags, perfect for those in the fashion know. Kanaan adds color to leather bags, as well as cool design elements like antlers that function as the bag’s handle. Notebooks and pencil cases shouldn’t be left out of this equation, either. Sure, you can get any normal case and notebook, but Papelote puts the cool back in stationery products.

Playbag- messenger bag perfect for carting books around school

Kanaan- satchels to fit any style whether preppy or outdoorsy

While you may be disappointed about another school year, cheer up, you have new trends and accessories to buy and new friends to make. So let the countdown begin for next summer.


*This article first appeared in The Prague Post Wednesday, August 29th 2012*

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