Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring/Summer 2013

Extra Large- oversized jackets for Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring/Summer 2013
Image Credit: Jiří Herman

Prague’s Dreft Fashion Week opens with Super Star Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Mad Hatter delight- Alexandre Herchcovitch S/S 13
photo image : Jiří Herman

Yesterday, Prague was treated to a very special fashion show by Brazilian born, New York residing, fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch. This was his first show, outside of New York Fashion Week, where journalists and potential clientele were able to meet the designer and see his magnificent designs first hand.

The designs, which border somewhere between a mad hatter tea party and Boy George’s closet, were surprisingly wearable and fun. The designer held true to other Resort and Spring 2013 trends incorporating lots of prints (preferably print on crazy print) and over-sized jackets, coats, and shirts.  The colors shift somewhere between bright neon yellows, oranges and greens to the basic black and white checkered variety. For a bit of fun Herchcovitch added large cut-out hearts, lettering on culotte trousers, and clutches that had a very “shit happens” smiley face- from the movie Forrest Gump.

Alexandre Herchcovitch s/s 13
Image Credit: jiří herman

Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring/Summer 2013
Photo Credit: Jiří Herman


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