PFW Star Fashion Show- An Evening Treat with Zuzana Kubíčková & Marcel Holubec

Photo Credit: Karel Jakubka

Non-Kiddy Magic Shows and A collection with Soul- Zuzana Kubíčková and Marcel Holubec show us why we love them more and more every year.

Zuzana Kubíčková

“There’s going to a magic show,” is how a dear journalist friend, described the show before the general public was let in. “What? I don’t like magic shows! I don’t want to see some clown perform tricks for Simona Krainova! ,” I retorted.

Pearl Delight
Photo Credit: Karel Jakubka

This was of course no ordinary magic show (there were no clowns or tricks), but more of a burlesque, come-hither, naughty gift to the eyes catwalk extravaganza! With a magician on stage, models were pulled one-by-one out from a door with only a hot pink curtain as covering. Fully clothed in  Zuzana Kubíčková’s designs- they walked down the catwalk, suspense heavily hanging  in the air, as we all wondered ‘what in the world will the models show’. Once they had returned to the beginning of the catwalk the magician helped them strip down to what amounted to pearls, black “diamonds”, and Christmas- ornament lingerie. Provocative, it most certainly was!

In an instant I felt the need to hear Muse’s Black Holes and Revelations  blasting through the sound system, figuring it would fit the over all feeling of the show.  The collection was a very sexed-up, a mix of Russian circle skirts and coats, peppered with future lingerie that mastered form and function.

Photo Credit: Karel Jakubka

This  was just a one-off collection that was made specifically for Prague Fashion Weekend; the designer is actually in the process of finishing pieces for Designblok Premier Fashion Week, which will take place in October.

Photo Credit: Karel Jakubka

Marcel Holubec W

Menswear A/W 12
Photo Credit: Karel Jakubka

The designer who hails from Bratislava is a winner in the eyes of the fashion elite. His designs, always taking careful consideration of both the male and female forms, are prized pieces by many.

This isn’t the first time we have welcomed the Slovakian designer to Prague. Earlier this year, we welcomed him to Shooting Fashion Stars where he debuted his Spring/Summer 2012 collection named Lolita.

Photo Credit: Karel Jakubka

Autumn/Winter 2013 saw a darker side, different from the jovial Marcel we had all met at SFS. The “inspiration”- if one can call is that- for his A/W ready-to-wear label came from the loss of a close friend in Slovakia. The colors were somber using only black and white, allowing the material chosen to be the color on the canvas. Crosses were seen on garments, where one can only assume would be an ode to the mourning of this dear friend. As the collection moved forward, white became an integral part transcending the empty space left behind in the black garments seen earlier. Halos’s were also used, perhaps ascending into a celestial space.

Photo Credit: Karel Jakubka

The collection, for someone so deep in despair, was truly magnificent. Men and womenswear were shown in unison, and one had the feeling that every man and woman could easily wear the pieces- whether it was a pullover with zipper details for men, or the black dress with half, cut-out circles for women-  little fuss or tailoring seemed to be needed in altering pieces.

It’s a pity that such a beautiful collection was born out of pure agony, but I suppose his collection, perhaps one of the few, was one with true soul.

Photo Credit: Karel Jakubka


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