The final day of Prague Fashion Weekend- Minimalism, a Bearded Woman, and a Body Buddy

Marcel Ostertag, in the flesh, working the catwalk
Photo Credit: Marek Costey

The final day, a bittersweet moment when one discovers that the shows are ending and life goes back to hum-drum.

 Stinak by Vladimir Stanek

Vladimir Stanek
Photo Credit: Marek Costey

‘Body Buddy’ the collection by Vladimir Stanek was all about the male body.  The idea was simple and relatively easy to execute- “in this new age of (having a good body) going to the gym, having muscles, and focusing on what people look like; (I thought) what about the man that doesn’t have a 6-pack?” Vladimir’s fix was a two fold optical illusion for the men with a beer gut . Dark denim pants would be tied together with very tight muscle tee’s, either with or without abdominal drawings.

The colors were basic; essentially colors that men could easily wear- khaki, red, and black. Jackets and other outerwear also incorporated the “perfect 6-pack” into the collection either by sewing details or metal plates giving a la “David” rather than Homer.

The designer continued his buddy quest by also outfitting his men with the perfect man bags- clutch-sized leather bags that would fit a whole portfolio, but also a mobile phone and a wallet.  The result was a wearable collection that was fun and provocative.

Line by Pavel Brejcha

Minimalism, clean lines, blocked and tonal colors- as a matter of fact, Calvin Klein couldn’t have dreamed it better himself!

Pavel Brejcha A/W12
Photo Credit: Marek Costey

The designer, who has launched many a Czech girl’s fantasies, gave us a fabulous collection for Autumn/Winter 2012 where an emphasis was clearly on cool colors and collars. Masculine shirt details, military-inspired blouses, and tuxedo detailing- whether it was in the form of a tail or the satin line running down the side of pants- it was clear that the Brejcha’s woman is comfortable in a man’s skin. The collection’s motto was “clothes for the modern woman” and I think it was one of the first times I could comfortably say that any modern woman could wear these clothes not only in the boardroom, but more importantly in normal life.


Blaze A/W12
Photo Credit: Marek Costey

The Czech brand, founded in 1992, is seen more for its conservative style harkening back to times gone-by (and not necessarily good times), than a trend worthy Czech brand introducing innovative ideas to the Czech market.

This year their A/W 2012 collection seemed to challenge that idea of conservatism, reshaping the modern Czech man- with updated dark denim for starters.  Black leather jackets in a cool James Dean style were all paired with a darker denim pant and either a nice button down shirt in plaid or an oxford-style, giving the look a chic update that has been missing for quite sometime.

Zofie Angelic

Zofie Angelic A/W 12
Photo Credit: Marek Costey

The living, working, jewelry-breathing designer Zofie Angelic certainly knows how to turn heads with her unmistakable gothic-inspired jewelry line. The Czech Zofie, who now calls Berlin home, gave us a sneak peak of what it would be like to live in her fantasy world for a few days.

1920’s New York, Medieval chain mail, an underground club somewhere in Berlin- this is the world that weaved in and out during the 10minute long show that challenged the perceived notion, as to how a woman should wear jewelry. There were distinct 1920’s style headgear and purses that made one think instantly of everyone’s favorite Gatsby. The medieval chain-mail collars and dresses were straight out of a costume set in the United States, as were some of the other more colorful feather pieces.  Fun and lovely- yes, wearable- yes, though I would suspect that the Czech Republic might need some time before it would be willing to attract that much attention. 

Marcel Ostertag

Marcel OStertag S/S 13
Photo Credit: Marek Costey

A bearded ‘woman’ appeared on the catwalk, gliding with ease that sets the inexperienced models and supermodels apart. The ‘model’ in question was none other than the designer Marcel Ostertag, who opened his Prague Fashion Weekend Spring collection with him fiercely walking down the catwalk. And for the record, he wore a silk dress in a vibrant red better than any model that day. 

Marcel OStertag S/S13
Photo Credit: Marek Costey

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection by Berlin based Ostertag focused heavily on warm colors- tangerine orange, plum purple, deep red, burnt orange, and lipstick red in both silks and satins. As the collection continued, black and white geometric prints, became more pronounced following what we have seen in other S/S collections.


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