“A Fashion Shower?” Why not says Anna dello Russo

This Thursday, Anna dello Russo, the editor-at-large of Vogue Nippon, will launch her accessories line at H&M to much Lady Gaga-inspired fanfare. As part of that promotion I found a review on Dailymail with this lovely little video at the bottom. My favorite part of the video was the hyperlink titled, “eurotrash”.

I don’t know how the turquoise and gold Barbie line will be other than pricey (confirmed by the H&M price list) and probably not worth it in the end, though I am sure there will be plenty of girls there all waiting to carry around something made by the fashion “icon”.

But please remember this before you are pressured into spending your hard-earned currency (I’d like to add two to three times higher than the EURO equivalent) for a rolling suitcase and bangles- Marni’s collection, which got a lot of hype as well, after 2-3 months could be found at the 50% off and then 75% off racks here in Prague; perhaps you could wait for your fashion shower; at least then it will be a lot cheaper.


One thought on ““A Fashion Shower?” Why not says Anna dello Russo

  1. Daniel Chodusov says:

    ADR is the one of the last remaining true style icons these days. No matter how much her collection covered by gold and gems looks kitchy or cliché, this is her style and she know how to wear and it not looking cheap in it.

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