2012 Designblok Winners Announced at the Mayor’s Residence

Monday’s are tough days. The work week starts again, I spend most of my day running around Prague, I eat food that is not what one would deem “healthy” and drink enormous amounts of coffee- I am in line for an ulcer.

But this Monday held quite a pleasant surprise when I was graciously asked to take part as a judge for the Designblok 2012 awards.

So, Monday evening I raced around to the three different studios, quickly taking notes on everything from lights to furniture to schools with outstanding talent. I tallied up my scores and arrived at the VIP lounge on Tuesday morning to meet my fellow voting compatriots from a whole host of established magazines.

Today at 2pm those winners were announced (all but the fashion category for best foreign and czech fashion designer which will be voted on Saturday after the final fashion show) at the Mayor’s Residence in Prague 1. 

Congratulations to all of the designers who put in endless hours of hard work to come up with the collections that you have all presented at Designblok.

The best new furniture: Le bon (ikea, stockist conde-house)
The best collection of home accessories: Qubus (Rony Plesl, Pirsc Porcelain)
The best collection of lights: Lasvit (Brokis, Pirsc Porcelain) 
The best collection of jewelry: ANTIPEARLE (Blueberries, Janja Prokic)
The best new product: Brokis (Corian – Maxim table, Possessed)
The best prototype designer: Dan Gonzalez (Tin Man and John Henry Wielgus, tobyšlo)
The best manufacturer installation: Lasvit (elton, damage)
The best installation designer and design studio: Maestrokatastrof (hidden factory, tobyšlo) 
The best business presentations: Konsepti (Stockist, Qubus) 
The best Presentation fashion boutique: Simple (Chatty, Novesta)
The best School presentations: Applied Arts Collaboratory 2012 (AAAD glass, interior design UJEP)
The best exhibition project: Luxus (Mirrors, Vienna Design Week) 
Special Award for exceptional achievement among categories: Skoda and Vitra (Patricia Urquiola for DB, M48)


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