Antipearle and SIMPLE Concept Store- a holiday collaboration

The Sea, One Designer, tons of inspiration and a hoighty toighty store got together….

 It seems that people are finally starting to take notice of the Antipearle line; as SIMPLE Concept Store has decided to team up with the designer Markéta Dlouhá-Márová to create a limited edition line just in time for the holiday season.

Fang Necklace- Antipearle- 9,400CZK
shark tooth necklace in sterling silver with fresh water pearls

“Jewelry Antipearle is exceptional in my opinion, and I am pleased that we can imagine SIMPLE {having} something totally new, something that was missing in the Czech Republic so far and {that is} world-class,” says Lukáš Loskot, creative director of SIMPLE Concept Store.

The limited edition line, set to hit the store in December, will include rings, bracelets, and earrings all made from precious metals which will be complete with an onyx black coating and the signature pearls that have made Antipearle a hit.

Shark Tooth Ring- Antipearle- 12,200CZK
24-Carat Rose Gold plated brass with four fresh water pearls

The collaboration is based off of the designer’s successful line Frutti di Mare or ‘Fruits of the sea’. As an avid diver, Markéta draws inspiration for her line in the most unlikely underwater creatures whom have been transformed into wearable pieces of art. For instance, a sea urchin that one can open to add pearls or a photograph, a star fish cuff linked together by its legs, or shark’s teeth that have been place at the ‘gum’ side to create a truly dangerous ring.

While the limited edition line is out in December, if you can’t wait to get your little mitts on the cool designs than check out her website where you can easily walk away with a ring for under 4,000CZK
To check out the E-shop click HERE


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