‘Praying Mantis’ by Chatty an hommage to the Urban Woman

Designblok Premier Fashion Week was full of the urban woman mantra. Chatty was one such design team that brought it to a wearable level

Chatty- A/W 2012- Urban black and Caution-cone orange
Photo Credit: Petra Holubova

A Samurai woman stalks the streets during the day and evening, “She’s a woman who is fearless in her masculine city and environment. A woman who is not afraid to take chances,” the girls behind the brand Chatty explained to me once their fashion show had finished.  This “Samurai” is a woman fearless and strong not because of her physical strength, but because of the street smarts she has learned living and adapting to the city, the urban wasteland that she now calls home.

The Perfect LBD and hot blue shoes
Chatty- A/W 12
Photo Credit: Petra Holubova

You might be asking yourself just what a modern Samurai woman would need in the city and you’d be right to ask. Well firstly, Chatty decided that she needed a lot of black (and really what urban woman doesn’t need a lot of black), Caution-Cone orange- I suppose as a way to ward off moving vehicles and pedestrians from interfering in your walking path- and a vibrant blue because as the girls said quite nonchalantly, they liked it and why not? The girls also felt that the modern woman should have footwear that also fit her surrondings and mood. Some shoes during the shoe were colorful (baby blue and caution cone orange) and many still were black leather; the no-fail shoe type of the urban woman.

Blue and Black- the mantra of the Praying Mantis
Chatty- A/W 12
Photo Credit: Petra Holubova

The “Praying Mantis” collection was full of creative and very wearable pieces. From black jeans to tuxedo style trousers most were paired with luscious burnt orange jackets and coats. There was a very unique black plastic ¾ sleeve length coat that doubles, quite unexpectedly, as a rain coat. The Chatty designers made sure to also include fancy attire- a woman doesn’t spend all of her life running around. Lace dresses with leather trim were executed with a panache and understanding that the modern Praying Mantis woman is a woman who holds many titles and wears many hats.

The Perfect urban jacket- stylish and weather proof
Chatty- A/W 12
Photo Credit: Petra Holubova

* Special Thanks to Petra Holubova from JedenactKocek for the fantastic pictures*


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