Irony is NOT VOGUE

Speaking the Truth with a shortened sentence and a photo

On my never-ending quest to find cool magazines and outlets for writing contributor stories I fell upon this little gem from Bullett Magazine in the United States. The website is called Not Vogue and well, the concept is fairly simple. 

Not Vogue doesn’t have fancy flash enabling properties and does not purport the newest trends or industry standards. In fact, it doesn’t have a noticeable author, only a person named Steve Oklyn– who may or may not be author of said page.

Instead Not Vogue types a simple heading (incredibly witty and ironic in many aspects- alas- many times shockingly depressive when one realizes what the photo and heading have in common) and ties that heading in with the photo below.

For example, there is a snappy little headline stating, “Mulder was right extraterrestrials are among us.” and underneath is a photo of Plastic Surgery Queen Donatella Versace along with Lady Gaga throwing roses.

Sometimes the headlines need no commentary: As is the example of dissident Aung San Suu Kyi . Over the woman’s head, who had fought for democracy in her own country of Burma, is a quote by Tom Ford, “I can totally imagine the world with out me I’m so unimportant.”  While I appreciate everything that Tom had done for Gucci and for James Bond’s suits in 007 Skyfall, I can however say that he probably hasn’t done nearly as much as the above mentioned quiet warrior.

Three cheers to you ingenuous poster of all things witty- please continue to post- you have a fan in Prague!


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