Prague ECO Fashion Designer and Exclusive Boutique Icone

Organic Cotton, Sumptuous textiles and a little bit of Havana Swagger

Going Green- it’s a statement used by politicians, CNN, granola hippies, and those writing epic cries to arms against climate change or the ending of wasteful clothing manufactering. There are very few people both in the fashion industry and not that may scream ‘Going Green’ from the roof tops, but in fact do little to change it. (That green back has a strong hold on some people.)

Natalie Steklova- RTW 12/13

Veteran of Prague Fashion Weekend 2012, Natalie Steklova, is one such designer who is looking to change the persona that eco clothing and upcycling (the practice of remaking useless materials into something of better quality)can be fashionable, comfortable, and not look like something you got while dumpster-diving.

While Steklova has worked with organic materials for over five years, this is her first foray into a complete Eco friendly line- from threads, to fabrics, right down to the nitty gritty dye. The fabrics range from bambo/cotton blends, organic denim (with probably one of the softest hands I have felt in years), and silk. The silk has the best story of all. Unlike many other silk factories, Steklova buys her silk from an Indian factory who allow the silk worm to hatch and only then will the silken threads be removed and delicately gathered by hand.

So what makes a budding talent like Steklova head for the more difficult road-less-traveled route instead of the chemical dye, cheap labour journey? It seems that Steklova sees the idea of slow fashion as a, “cultivation and production of pesticide-free and violence, but [it’s]also about uplifting the quality of our lives when we choose to take responsibility for [our] decisions.” She is a firm believe that by standing up to fast-fashion and fad-inspired trends that we can, “opt for a permanent more ethical,” view of fashion.  Perhaps she should relay this message to the likes of H&M and other large retailers who have made fast-fashion and faster living a way of life.

Natalie Steklova- RTW 12/13

Still interested in checking out the RTW line for yourself? The icône store, noted for carrying unique pieces from around Europe, is where – for a limited time- one can find Natalie Steklova’s RTW collection. How limited? At the moment the collection is scheduled to remain in the store for two weeks, but should fanfare prove powerful, it will stay longer.

Natalie Steklova- RTW 12/13

 For more information on the Eco Queen Natalie Steklova, including address, email, telephone and how to make your own tailored number- visit HERE.


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