Radio Wave where Fashion & Architecture collide

Shape & Vision to introduce their first event combining fashion and architecture

Architecture and Fashion, two disciplines that go hand in hand. How you might ask? Well, many designers draw inspiration from architectural gems- just look at most textile designers from the 1920s.

The idea of Shape & Vision is to “bring together young fashion designers, architects, and respected scholars from those field,” allowing the “inspiration [of these designers] to be put in the context of history through present day,” explains journalist and Radio Wave’s Modeschau host Veronika Ruppert. The MC team, Veronika Ruppert and Adam Gebrian, both from Radio Wave, wanted to create an event that would draw their two loves together; fashion and architecture, but present it in a way that was more about the principles and ideas of clothing and architecture versus another fashion show. Think of it like a big press conference and lecture in a club setting.

For the first time  AWKWARD of the dinosaur shoes fame, Kristýna Nováková (VŠUP), Mirka Talavašková the Delor designer, and  Monika Přikrylová of MONGOL will explain how they formulate their designs, and execute said design ideas. Along with famed fashion designers, scholars of architecture and fashion will be on hand to discuss the technical and historical implications and ideas behind their craft.  The studious of Shape & Vision will include:: Jaroslav Wertig of A69 , Maxim Velčovský, and fashion historian and journalist Jana Máchalová, all of whom are greatly respected in their fields.

The event will kick off at Roxy/NoD on Friday, November 16th at 8pm. From all assumptions the lecture and event will be in Czech language, but those who are interested should definitely come check it out (as most people on the panel speak at least some english).

Additional information can be found on Shape & Vision’s faceboook page HERE

Roxy/NoD- Dlouha 33, Prague 1


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