Top 5 Most Fashionable Cocktail Bars in Prague

Want to be with the fashionable elite of Prague? Here’s the top 5 cocktail bars that will have you hobnobbing with the best.

There’s more to Prague than just pubs, cavernous clubs set below street level, and alternative grunge bars. In fact there is a whole slew of drinking establishments that are worth visiting should cocktails and martini’s be more up your alley than pints of beer. Here are just a few of the top choices for the fashionable set in Prague. Best to call ahead to all of the places mentioned below for a reservation, as you may end up in one of the forementioned pubs instead of your cocktail haven.

Cloud 9 Skybar and Lounge

Cloud 9 Sky Bar and Lounge- drinking with the stars

Located at the top of the Hilton Hotel, Cloud 9 offers rooftop views, plush sofas, and a DJ spinning tracks long into the night- it’s the perfect starting point before heading into town. During the summer the terrance is open where guys sport the newest fashion threads, while waxing poetically into a woman’s ear.  Signature Cocktails are 170CZK while others range from 120-200CZK respectively. MENU HERE

Tretter’s Club

Tretter’s Club -drink with hockey players and celebrities

It’s the swank hang out for high-worth individuals and professional sports players. Don’t be surprised to see Czech celebs and your favorite Czech hockey players at this bar, smoking cigars and drinking high-end cocktails. The barstaff is well versed in cocktails which means if you want it, and it’s obscure, they can probably make it. Prices are similar to cloud 9, but with out the skyline view.

Black Angel’s Bar
Courtesy Photo:

Black Angel’s Bar- gothic interior and speakeasy feel

Slip back to a time when cocktails were served in their correct glasses with hand-made ice cubes and bartenders had more than just charming good looks. Named one of the Best 50 Bars in the World by the Sunday Times, it beat out the competition of the other four on this list of top cocktail bars in Prague. During the weekend there is a piano player and singer who serenade the Gatsbyesque crowd with her sultry voice and his bygone era tunes. Everything about Black Angel’s- the chandeliers, the tables, the menus are chic.  It looks pretentious, but with prices that are affordable for all, it’s one of the best deals in the city.


Bugsy’s Bar– An American-style cocktail bar with Czech flare

 When the fashion events end, this is where the editors and beautiful people go. Models, editors of fashion magazines, and celebrities all venture to this small space to drink fanciful cocktails and sip foreign wine. It’s the bar that introduced the mojito to the Czech public and was ranked as one of the best cocktail bars by Newsweek International. Cocktailicious (delicious cocktails made by Bugsy’s) prices start at around 135CZK for short drinks, Sake Cocktails around 160-190CZK. For more information including MENU and ADDRESS click: HERE

Hemingway’s Bar

Hemingway’s Cocktail Bar– “Maybe you’ll fall in love with me all over again.”

It’s one of the smallest cocktail bars in Prague located one street back from the Vltava River,with three round tables up front and about the same amount in the back; but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in good, stiff drinks. If you are coming to Prague with the idea of drinking absinthe this is the place you should head for. With one of the most extensive absinthe lists in the Czech Republic, the bartenders here will show you how to drink absinthe correctly- and no- you don’t set it on fire. As the first bar in the Czech Republic to set up a rum club one can expect only the finest in Hemingway’s: class and sophistication.

Honorable Mention: with so many cocktail bars in Prague sometimes it’s hard to just pick five. Should the top 5 above be booked solid, try these other high-end locations. But be aware, that most of these are packed during the weekend so if you want to go, make the reservation early: James Dean and El bodeguita del medio.


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