Heading to the EU capital of Brussels; it’s Czech design!

Spreading the good word of Czech fashion design- one EU member at a time

Brussels;  it’s the home of french fries, mussels, and bureaucracy – maybe that last one is my own made-up version of Brussels, but from November 30- December 2 it will also be home to the first presentation of Czech fashion design.

In a move associated with building the Czech brand abroad- and many thanks to the regional governments in South Moravia, Pilsen, and Pardubice- the good people of Brussels will finally have the opportunity to see just some of what the Czech Republic has to offer. 

Designers and Stores on Sale during the three day extravaganza:

Hard “de” Core, Akari,Markéta Martiškova, Petra Pluhackova, Lada Vyvialova, Denisa Adolfova, no ne fashion, Love Music, Vendula Chalankova, Barbora Divinova

The event will take place at the Pilsen House located 31 Place de Jamblinne de Meux1030 Bruxelles

Friday: 4pm-8pm (16:00-20:00)

Saturday: 10am-6:30pm (10:00-18:30)

Sunday: 10am-3pm (10:00-15:00)


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