Fashionable Christmas Shopping in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

The 2nd edition of Grace’n’Glamour shows there’s more to Prague Fashion than the alternative style

Lenka Stepankova- jsew
Dreft Fashion Week

“Crap! I have nothing to wear!” This is usually followed by a breakdown as we belittle ourselves into thinking we are fat, ugly, stupid. This somehow leads down the path of  ‘we wish we had more money, lived in a different country, etc’. It’s a familiar tale regardless of where you live in the world. In Prague, it seems that we ladies seem to say this phrase a little more often than other women.

There are plenty of alternative, skate/snowboard designers in Prague, but very few designers who can clothe (and for a reasonable price) us in classic silhouette and in the finest fabrics available. It seems that Petra Kopuleta, head of PR for Grace’n’Glamour , had a similar problem herself and with her friends, “[We often would] grumble that the choice of fashion in Czech stores is far from being satisfactory. At times we also happened to buy a splendid piece from renowned brands, but shortly after that we found that the quality didn’t match the price. So we started to search other ways than shopping around the globe.”

The idea of bringing designer and consumer together is not a new one, though the idea of a luxury get together certainly is. All of the 20 plus designer attending this Saturday’s Grace’n’Glamour event on Dec 1 have a higher price point than some of the other markets in town, but this market is certainly for the more fashion savvy woman interested in true RTW collections.

Natalie Steklova
Prague Fashion Weekend

Expect to see Prague Fashion Weekend and Dreft Fashion Week standouts Katerina Geislerova, Lenka Stepankova, Pavel Brejcha, and Natalie Steklova along side milliners Katerina Cadova and Jolana Kotabova. New lines worth picking up are Dana Kleinert who is working with knitted materials, as well as the MUSET line, which debuted its first menswear collection at Designblok 2012. Handbags by Ether and Helena Isova, as well as jewellery by Hana Pokorna are sweet treats for anyone on your shopping list.

For those who are looking for something special, something Czech/Slovak, and something made  from the highest quality craftsman, then this is certainly the place to go. A full day of shopping in Mala Strana, surrounded by beautiful clothes, and people- live like a VIP for a day and enjoy a stress-free Christmas Shopping experience!

For Details please visit Prague Fashion Events


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