All you need is Love and Tereza Maxova

 The Tereza Maxova Foundation gives love where so many others have failed and raises over 5 million CZK in process

Tereza Maxova at the press conference before the evenings gala

Tereza Maxova at the press conference before the evenings gala

I admit it; sometimes I am cynical. There are plenty of ‘save the children’ events and fundraisers all over the world, so why would Tereza Maxova get involved in a special project with her name on it? Couldn’t she just hawk handbags or furs and be done with it? 

The idea behind the Tereza Maxova Foundation started simple enough. During a visit to an orphanage in Prague 4, the model-turned-activist still had no idea how the chance visit would impact her life changing it indefinitely. “The institution [in Prague 4] was full of babies, newborns and toddlers, lying in hospital beds, ten per room. You could see them, but the silence was disturbing. Nurses in white coats circled the long corridors. The newborns were unaware of what was happening, while the older ones reached out for the slightest human contact,” she explains “My mind went back to my childhood, growing up behind the iron curtain. We may not have had many of the comforts provided in the West, but we had a loving and caring family, and a place to call home.” she reflects about her first experience.

Tereza Maxova in Czech designer at gala

Tereza Maxova in Czech designer at gala

These first experiences shaped and molded the society that she helped found. The tenants of the foundation are to help: through prevention,support from substitute family, and direct compensation for insufficient institutional care. These three pillars are meant to assist and give a much-needed chance to the some 24,000 children under institutional care in the Czech Republic, according to the Tereza Maxova Foundation website.  Providing love, is of course a very important part of the foundation, but money too is needed to give many of these children a fair chance at life outside the institution with programs for education and further development being at the forefront of the initiative. Raising money is no easy feat, even if you are a supermodel, but Tereza Maxova has managed to combine a love for fashion with her second passion, helping those less fortunate.

Last week, the Tereza Maxova Foundation presented their gala titled: Fashion For Kids 2012- New Beginnings, bringing those of a like-minded philanthropic spirit together to help raise money and awareness for the plight of young children living in our republic. The event showcased the best of Czech and Slovak fashion designers with Tereza Maxova taking the runway, a percussion session by John McLaughlin and Zakir Hussain, a jam session with Czech rock band Charlie Straight, and finally a fashion show by acclaimed Italian designer Alessandro dell’ acqua showing his new Spring/Summer 2013 collection.


Tereza Maxova in Alessandro Dell' acqua s/s13

Tereza Maxova in Alessandro Dell’ acqua s/s13


At the end of the evening an impressive sum of 5,194,820CZK or 205,698EURO was displayed to the crowd amidst a roar of applause!  While money is always a huge help, there are also plenty of other ways that a young philanthropist can get involved; mainly through volunteering ones time.


Some 5million CZK was raised for the Tereza Maxova Foundation at their Fashion for Kids gala

Some 5million CZK was raised for the Tereza Maxova Foundation at their Fashion for Kids gala


Tereza Maxova is an inspiration not only for the Czech Republic, but for people who actively challenge the idea of what one person can accomplish. Three cheers to the foundation, may fashion be used for something both noble and good.


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