Top 6 Best Fashion designers in the Czech Republic for 2012

Finding 20 designers was easy. Moving it down to 6 was difficult. My top picks for 2012

As we ring in the end of the world or even a new year, we ought to also reflect on some designers who made an impact on us in 2012.

Men’s and women’s clothing

Katerina Geislerova's A/W 2012 collection

Katerina Geislerova’s A/W 2012 collection

Kateřina Geislerová stole our hearts at September’s Prague Fashion Weekend, debuting a femme fatale fall/winter 2012 collection. Using stretch jersey in a basic clean color palette, the dresses were brought to life by incorporating peplums, high shoulders and mid-calf hems emphasizing the sexiness of a woman’s body. By inserting discreet corset shapes, she created a peep show that was both flattering and provocative. With shops like Mona and La Gallery Novesta carrying the line, look forward to seeing more around Prague.

Muset A/W 2012 collection

Muset A/W 2012 collection

Muset, the menswear line by wunderkind Pavel Ivančic, challenges the street-style look that has become so prevalent in Prague. The Antidote collection incorporates heavy cotton twill, cashmere, stretch-wool suiting – which allows the optimal male shape while keeping one looking fresh and dapper – and a heavyweight cotton jersey cut and sewn to create tailored jackets and trousers to fit any man. While this is the designer’s first foray into a full menswear line, it will not be his last. With so much press and a steady stream of clients interested in the designer, expect Ivančic to be a mainstay on the Czech market.


Jane Bond- Winter hat collection 2012

Jane Bond- Winter hat collection 2012

From the whimsical headpieces seen at Royal Ascot to show-stopping designs worn by Czech fashion editors at Paris Couture Week, the brand that is JaneBond continues to propel women forward, testing the boundaries of fascinators and feathers. With the addition of winter hats, look for the standout to continue to move us all forward in bespoke creations.

Playbag- messenger bag 2012

Playbag- messenger bag 2012

Playbag, the unpretentious label out of Zlín, makes messengers not only for the likes of people who really deliver things by bike, but also for the hipper suited set. Look around any metro transfer, and you will very likely see at least one of these bags. A unisex appeal combined with a functional and polished design is great for both men and women. Playbag uses a variety of materials, from tarpaulin to leather, guaranteeing you’ll look smart in all weather.

Antipearle Starfish Cuff 2012

Antipearle Starfish Cuff 2012

Though Antipearle received accolades from all around, it was the brand’s thalassophilous line that made the top list for both Designblok 2012 and our best-of in the jewelry category. Drawing inspiration from the sea, designer Markéta Dlouhá-Márová created a collection of truly wearable urchins, starfish and shark teeth. The love of pearls and gilded gold and silver continues to make this brand a great white in a school of minnows.


Awkward Collection- the famous Dino shoes from Prague Fashion Weekend 2012

Awkward Collection- the famous Dino shoes from Prague Fashion Weekend 2012

Though Dinosaur shoes still hasn’t found a manufacturer for its autumn/winter line, that hasn’t stopped the brand from going viral after Prague Fashion Weekend and Dreft Fashion Week.

Awkward Collection 2012Photo Credit: Ondrej Janu

Awkward Collection 2012
Photo Credit: Ondrej Janu

Monika Nováková and Lucie Jelínková, the designers behind the standout brand Awkward, are just barely out of university and have already racked up impressive celebrity and magazine backers. Reflecting on their current collection of both shoes and womenswear, it’s easy to understand why everyone has taken notice.


This article first appeared in the Prague Post in 2012


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