Avon Walk presents new T-shirt by Tatiana for 2013

Fighting breast cancer via Fashion

A first look at the 2013 Tatiana Avon Walk Shirt

A first look at the 2013 Tatiana Avon Walk Shirt


Tatiana could be considered the most successful Czech designer. Having sold some 30,000 plus t-shirts last year for the Avon Walk she has, without question, surpassed even the most beloved veterans in terms of sheer numbers.

On Wednesday night we were treated to quite an event at the SoHo restaurant located along the river in Prague 4.  Avon introduced their new perfume- sensuelle- where a perfumer explained the notes with in the scent.  There was a fashion show of Tatiana’s newest Spring/Summer collection- loads of black and white dresses with pops of peony pink, lipstick red, and coral.  Then there was a concert performed by an older Justin Bieber look-a-like whose name has completely escaped me. For the record, his voice was actually pretty good.

Since the event was a two fold- the introduction of a perfume and the presentation of the new t-shirt for the Avon Breast Cancer walk- we watched a video. Full disclosure, I am not a native speaker of Czech nor am I anywhere near fluent, but watching a video where people- in the simplest language- explain why they are walking is moving. “For my mother, my best friend, my grandmother,” it was a never ending list of both young and old who gave their reasons and it was both sexes.  I cried, as did almost everyone in the room. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us know at least someone who has died from cancer or has been diagnosed….

But that’s why we walk, raise money, and volunteer. We try in a desperate attempt to eradicate a disease that has taken much from each of us. Tatiana’s design is just one way in which people can fight the good fight. Design speaking, there are a few changes from last year’s shirt. Firstly, it’s more of a fuscia pink than the outlandish bright pink that was available last year. There will be sleeves with pulls giving the wearer the option of a short-sleeve, a tank, etc. The length will more or less stay the same- a tunic- hiding your bum and making a perfect edition to your yoga, pilates workout clothing collection. For the men that would like to be involved there will also be shirts for you as well giving really, no reason for not everyone to walk in the event.



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