H&M Introduces concept store thanks in part to Style Bloggers

& Other Stories officially opens on Regent Street to much fanfare

& Other Stories officially opens on Regent Street to much fanfare

Making fashion cheap and affordable, mixing and matching pieces that one would never imagine, while simultaneously creating cool DIY projects, has become the norm of the style blogger. It’s a niche that has made many loads of money and has created such klout that they have developed their own make-up lines, handbag lines, and sit at the coveted first row of some of the most sought after fashion shows in the world.

H&M has invested heavily in young bloggers in cities around the world. They lavish them with gifts and free clothing; not unlike many other stores, in an effort to push their label in the blog-o-sphere world and to the young men and women who are most susceptible to trends.

In an effort to maximize profits and create a “new way of shopping” H&M has opened its first concept store piggy-backing on the idea that a few talent bloggers created first. The store named- & Other Stories- opened its 1000 square meter, two-level doors last night on Regent Street in London to what I can only imagine was a fanfare. “It’s been a very special night for us, and it feels fantastic to see our stores come to life – both here in London and online, and finally get to meet our customers”, says Samuel Fernström, Head of & Other Stories.

Everything designed at & Other Stories was developed in the ateliers in both Paris and Stockholm, “with great attention to detail and quality at an affordable price.” claims the press release. Also added into the collection is a mix of temporary, capsule collections and collaborations enabling you– dear customer- to create your own stories by just walking into & Other Stories to create your blogger worthy look.  Brands such as: The Lake and Stars, Clare Vivier, Alyson Fox along side hand-picked external brands like: The Balm, Was with Joe, W3ll People, Eyeko, are added to create a diversification in the store’s assortment.

Shopping bags at the newly opened store in London

Shopping bags at the newly opened store in London

There are plans to open more stores in the coming months once the success of this flagship store has taken off, but in the mean time shopping online at stories.com will be available to Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK. (sorry Czech Republic, we haven’t been added as of yet).

So, will this be the end of fashion style bloggers? Does this mean now that I can have my own personal “stylist” at H&M I no longer need to surf the web looking for cool ideas on/from the streets? While I think there are a tad too many style bloggers, there are a few in this country that do things exceedingly well and I would hate to see that taken away from them because of some silly shop.

Fortunately, fashion belongs to the street, and those style bloggers who continually push the envelope. I firmly believe you can not encapsulate it into a store for the sake of cash; there are some ideas that will always be fake no matter how much love, money, and press coverage you put into them. 

Who are some of my favorite style bloggers in the Czech Republic? See below!

The Loli Land – stylist, model, fashion badass. Mixes cool pieces with fabulous finds

Tonbogirl Steetstyle– think, the Slovak equivalent of the Sartorialist

Nena the Aristocrat– for those who have loads of money to spend

Vojtěch Kaštánek– master of the camera, refined elegance

A Czech Fashionisto’s Diary– men’s style blogger that takes turns Czech fashion on its head.


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