Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend- A name to brag about

pfw mb

Prague gets it’s own Mercedes Benz Fashion Week- three cheers all around

As of last evening, I am happy to report that Prague Fashion Weekend will be known, hence forth, as Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend! I know, I know, that ‘hence forth’ sounds a bit stuffy and lawyer-like.

In the realm of fashion weeks it is certainly a great thing for Prague. Having the backing of a fashion partner like Mercedes Benz certainly turns heads, turns wallets, and turns the media’s attention back to a country that has often been neglected or has been better known as just the center of Europe.

So, here’ s what Prague Fashion Scene has found out so far:

Dates: You can save the date in your sweet little calendars as the events and festivities kick off September 18-22 2013.

Place: While the exact location wasn’t disclosed (that comes out in the press conference and releases later; can’t have instant gratification for everything I suppose)  I can report that it will take place near and around Pařížská Ulice in Prague 1 with the location hunkering down at Old Town Square.



Future: The plan in a few years from now is to have two fashion weeks a year- a Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collection, though when that will be set in motion is another detail altogether.

Excitement abound the idea of having a partner like Mercedes Benz is easy to figure out. “{We will} use our connections to give local Czech designers the chance to be recognized on a world wide basis,” explained Mercedes Benz director of the Czech Republic, Florian Müller. In fact this idea is already in full swing with the very talented LaFormela heading to Mercedes Benz Stylo Fashion Award Malaysia at the end of this month to present their much loved Spring/Summer 2013 line.


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