A new kind of box-shaped, tunic swagger for Spring 2013

Jindra Jansova s/s13

Jindra Jansova s/s13

Designer Jindra Jansova has developed quite a following since her first presentation at Dreft Fashion Week 2012. A petite woman, with a pixie hair cut, the fresh-out-of-school designer is working hard to find her place in the sea of tailor-turned-designer world of Czech fashion.

Material was an important part of Jindra’s collection where the designer focused exclusively on colored silks in an array of patterns.  To transition from her very masculine collection- shown during the fall/winter 2012- she used the silk material linings found inside her more structured coats and applied them to the outer garments, subsequently making the interior the exterior. “This collection [spring/summer 2013] is something like these models,” pointing at the more masculine structured clothing from fall/winter, “[they] go outside from the winter collection,”

feeling the African vibePhoto Credit: Benjamin Vales

feeling the African vibe
Photo Credit: Benjamin Vales

Longer 70’s inspired dresses and tunics were costume de rigueur during her parade, but many were shown with out belts or a cord to create a more feminine shape. ” This cut is my way, but I want to sell [it] with a belt because I absolutely understand when someone wants a shape one day [and free-flowing the next]. This way for me its more sexy for a woman and free,” explained Jansova. ” With silk, when the women walks, you see the silhouette of the body.” A more neutral color palette of earth tones was key for her collection, which she likened to modern art moving into the abstract; “Freedom from barriers,” as she has called it.

An African feel was recognizable though whether it was the tunics or the patterns of silk inspired, is yet to be determined.  “I know about it[the African feel], but the first idea wasn’t about it.  But I have it a little because my first collection Basic. The idea was from the Czech home , but a lot of people said to me that it seems to be inspired from Japan and this collection seems to be about Africa,” laughs the designer

A lot of velvet and silk go a long way. Jindra Jansova s/s13 collectionPhoto Credit: Benjamin Vales

A lot of velvet and silk go a long way. Jindra Jansova s/s13 collection
Photo Credit: Benjamin Vales


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