Prague Fashion Night Brings Glitz to the streets of Prague

Not even rain can stop Harper’s Bazaar Prague Fashion Night

Preview: Harper's Bazaar Prague Fashion Night

Courtesy Photo

The Dolce & Gabbana boutique, located at Pařížská 18, is preparing for the Harper’s Bazaar Prague Fashion Night, an evening filled with fashion, shopping and fun.

Prague has been trying to catch up with the big fashion cities of the world for quite some time, and Thursday, May 30, between 5 and10 p.m., the Czech capital takes a giant step closer to this ideal with its first Harper’s Bazaar Prague Fashion Night.

Barbora Bergová, director of BB Media Consulting, and Karolina Bosáková, director of the Unique One modeling agency, have long been cultivating fashion in the Czech Republic. Using their 15 years’ worth of experience in international modeling, public relations and as establishing partners and co-producers of the Dreft Fashion Week – now formally known as Prague Fashion Week – these two women understand the intricacies and the fickle behavior that is so symptomatic of the fashion industry.

Motivated by their know-how and experience, Bergová and Bosáková decided to emulate the formula of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out, the brainchild of legendary Vogue US Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, and bring the idea of fashion, shopping and a night out to the capital.

“We wanted to profile Prague as a fashion destination so that people can see that it’s cool and hip and young,” Bosáková says about the reasons behind both Prague Fashion Week and the Harper’s Bazaar Prague Fashion Night.

Harper’s Bazaar Prague Fashion Night
Where: On and around Pařížská street, off Old Town Square
When: Thursday, May 30, 5-10 p.m.
Tickets: Check the price tags

The event, which will involve some 40 international boutiques and Czech designers in and around the ritzy Pařížská street, just off Old Town Square, is meant to be an evening not only about shopping and buying, but also about giving the conservative Czech public a chance to see that fashion is indeed for everyone.

“We really want to change the name of fashion [in the Czech Republic], because a lot of people think that they cannot [afford] it,” Bosáková says. “First, they don’t understand it and, second, they don’t believe they can [afford] it; we believe fashion is for everyone.”

Of course, while not everyone can afford all of the luxury brands on Pařížská, there are many affordable options available. Whether it’s a silver bracelet from Tiffany or a shirt from one of the many hip clothing stores, such as Diesel, Pařížská 22, or Puma Social Club, the idea behind the event is to inform the general public that no one should be afraid of the big brand names.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a fashion event without supermodels. Former Sports Illustrated swimsuit beauties Petra Němcová, the official ambassador to Harper’s Bazaar Prague Fashion Night, and Pavlína Němcová (no relation, of course), who will be stationed at the Obsession store, will be on hand throughout the evening for pictures and autographs.

Once you’ve had your fill of supermodel beauties, start at the top of Pařížská and walk down toward the flowing champagne, pulsing music and the lovely meet-and-greet glad-handers. Couple this with a desire to dress-to-impress-or-kill, and you have the makings of a glitzy New York City-style evening in the center of Prague. And while the event itself only lasts until 10 p.m., bars and restaurants around the area will stay open until normal hours to serve the fashion-thirsty with special cocktails and assorted other drinks.

Since this is the first year of the project, Bergová and Bosáková say they hope the event will bring a new customer set to the boutiques on Pařížská.

“It should be like a big festival, a fashion festival. [We want] people to know that they can dress funky and no one will care,” both Bosáková and Bergová say. For those who are still unsure that Prague can handle such a high-end fashion event, just check the boutiques on and around Pařížská: The only big name missing is Chanel. This city is ready for high fashion, ready for a night to celebrate it and ready to bring Prague into a new fashion sphere.

Just don’t forget your credit card.


*Original article printed in Prague Post on May 29, 2013*


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